Orlando Blogger Meet-Up


The Orlando Blogger Meet-up holds monthly events in different establishments.  June Meet-up was held downtown Orlando at The Industrious Orlando.  Angie Curcio was the guest speaker that discussed tips and tricks on using Facebook live to grow your following and establish a community of raving fans.  Angie is an established holistic health coach that established her brand by using Facebook.

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Industrious Orlando office space rental is a chic place to create the perfect work environment.  The floor is modern with a simplistic vibe which will create a great place for meetings, hosting events and focusing on your work.  I personally love the open wide space with large windows for natural light.  It’s an ideal location to have an office in the fast-growing Orlando that overlooks the Doctor Philips Performing Center and Amway Arena.


Useful Links:

Industrious Office

Angie Curcio

The Blogger Union

Luminaries In Color Fashion Show Event

Luminaries in color is a non profit organization based out of Orlando, FL founded by my friend Sunny D.  The purpose of the organization is to educate, empower, and inspire. The organization caters directly to the community by hosting networking events, as well as educational and inspirational workshops and seminars. Luminaries in color was started in hopes of creating harmony, support, and empowerment within the community. The mission is to set the community on the direct path of fulfillment, together as one. Luminaries in color also gives back by highlighting outstanding luminaries within the community and working directly with the youth and impoverished community, creating opportunities for growth.


The fashion show event was one of the highlighted attractions of the evening.  I had the privilege to work with six beautiful women from various ethnic backgrounds and cultures.   We incorporated the different ethnic cultures traditional garb with a modern flair.  Queen Nefateri African roots led the runway followed by revolutionary Haiti with the mystique of Asia on the horizon, the natural allure of Spicy India mixes things up, while Indigenous beauty captivates the world, lastly- the sexiness of bountiful Italy tantalizes our senses.




The below clip is the rehearsal for the fashion show.  The original plan was to have the ladies walk on the stage.  However, the ramp was too steep and would had been an accident in waiting with women walking in heels.



The evening was a success!  The Ladies were spectacular and it was an honor styling them in the modern cultural wear.

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Amelia Island Getaway



May 1st is my wedding anniversary and, May 3rd is my birthday.  My husband and I tend to combine those two memorable days and go on vacation.  Our beautiful state of Florida has so many places to visit.  Amelia Island was an excellent choice.  I love the quaintness of the island and the nature scenery that can be seen while touring.  The Omni Resort Amelia Island Plantation was our hotel during our stay.  I always wanted to stay at an Omni hotel because of the luxurious high-end feel of staying in a mini palace.  The Omni experience was more than anticipated.  The entire grounds were nestled in a forbidden forest.  The resort felt like it has been there for centuries and the trees grew around it.

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We ate breakfast every morning at the Sunrise Cafe.  When I travel, there is always something or someone that adds a special place in my heart.  Miss Donnie is the person that set my little tummy on fire.  She created the delicious seafood omelets that my husband and I couldn’t get enough of.  Miss Donnie cooked the omelets as if we were guests in her house.  She was warm and had a friendly smile anytime we seen her.


Our first evening in Amelia Island, my husband Corey and I had dinner at Falcon’s Nest.  The restaurant was located on the resort premises.  We walked through a scenic path surrounded by beautiful foliage.  I ordered what I thought was going to be a simple, bland fish sandwich and was pleasantly surprised that it was deliciously seasoned.  Corey blackened shrimp was just as tasty.  I love when the food tastes as if it was cooked in someone’s home with love.


Adventure Day-we explored parts of the massive compound on our bicycle tour.  I am not the most coordinated person and looked weird trying to mount the bike.  Oh yeah, and I decided to wear a sundress with sandals because it was cute…total fail.  While biking through the trails, I received a few scraps from the bushes.  My husband and I tried to follow the map given to us ,but we then had to trust Miss Google to help navigate.  We visited two lush parts of the plantation that was breathtaking.


We decided to spend most of the day on Saturday, hanging out on the beach.  My husband and I were the best of friends before we became an official couple.  We have an ease about our relationship that allows us to enjoy each other company as friends.  Our relaxing day on the beach consisted of me reading, zoning out, dipping in the water and with Corey doing the same and doing minor work on his laptop.

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Any place spent with my husband, is always a wonderful experience because I’m able to travel with the person that I adore & love.



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40 Years Of Loving Me


In this shoot, I wanted to channel my favorite artist Beyoncé. I created alter ego “Sheyonce” by combining my name Shelly with Queen Bey. The Sheyonce part of my personality is the more sexy siren. It’s fun to transition from the mommy wearing sundress/yoga pants to ultra glamorous. The hair color is a first for me. I like the boldness and playfulness of changing hair color. I still feel like me but an HD version with striking hue. The black mesh dress contains cutouts in all the right places. Now, I’m ready for center stage.





What I Noticed Now That I’m 40

  • Prefer to text than call
  • Go for long periods of not speaking to family/friends but pick up where we left off
  • Netflix and chill with Mr. O are the best
  • In my Cardi B voice, “Cut a Bleep off so don’t get comfortable
  • Spending quality time with my husband and kids is much better than anything in the world
  • Quote my mother a lot more in her Panamanian voice. My favorite quote from mom-“Cost you nothing to be kind.”
  • Okay with not having designer anything
  • Talk is great but action has a better impact
  • Love the person that I’ve grown into

Happy Birthday You Diamond In The Rough



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In Terms of Relationships, “What Hour Are You?”

“There’s not that much busy in the day”-Scotia Powell
Some people work a traditional 9-5 and some work the night shift. The hours and time of the day vary depending on the individual. People tend to put more emphasis on scheduling what matters to them. As the above quote states, please note everyone availability varies but there is not that much busy in the day.  If you are not running the free world, please pipe down about your busy schedule. Former President Barrack Obama always found time in his schedule for Lady Michelle Obama. Are you the First Lady that receives prime time hours or the mysterious fox that goes in a hole? The 7-9 PM woman is the female that holds the magical time slot.  She will always receive the prime time hours that supersede friends and family. 7-9 PM women are allowed to book dates during prime time scheduling without her mate pitching a fit. Why-Simple, He sees the relationship as a budding fruitful long-lasting commitment that he’s willing to pursue.

Females tend to be very accommodating when it comes to excuses for their mate’s poor behavior. We will deem their lack of motivation in the relations is due to scheduling and being over exhausted. That is all huff and puff. Have you ever asked someone to do something that was extremely tired but when you mention something is in it for them…they perk up? Females will know what hour they fit in depending on the time men will set aside for them. Before I was married, some of the men that I dated did not deem me as the prime time hour lady.  I had the late night spot of chilling at the house to watch a movie because it was too late to go out or they were exhausted and wanted to stay inside. Ladies, please do not fall for this excuse.  Don’t fall for the excuse that nothing is open at this time “Lies.” You can go bowling, movies, coffee café, skating rink, etc. You will merely have to research which establishments are still open in the evening or take a walk around the park.  Or, simply reschedule.


In the case of Bianca, her beau Brian has this arrangement that he made with her regarding time spent.  It’s a bizarre arrangement where Brian will only come over twice a week. This is so weird for a couple that lives in the same city.  However, Bianca tolerates this arrangement even though she would prefer more quality time. Sidebar, ladies pay attention if the person you are dating tends to be less accommodating to your needs or request. If you notice that everything is based on their availability or comfort or whatever it is, please note this as a Flag.  Since Bianca and Brian’s relationship first started off as a sexual tryst, majority of their quality time is spent in a four-walled relationship.  Sidebar, ladies if you want a relationship that blooms into marriage, please be careful of starting a physical relationship with your intended beau to early in the dating stages. They are cases were having a sexual relationship with partner led to something more serious, but we would not want to Russian Revolt our heart, soul, and bodies on this. My husband always said this quote to me when we were merely friends…”Slow and steady wins the race.” Ladies, if the race is for your heart, you should put more stock in the person that you choose to date or even spend time with.

My male friends had girls sectioned off by time slots.  The woman they were more interested received the coveted time slot from 7-9 PM. The girls that they only wanted a four-walled relationship received the 10-12 AM slot. After that, is the after the club late night time slot of 1-3 AM. That was for the females that knew what time it is and could careless of the other line-ups.  As awful as this may sound, is as truthful as it is. This is a backslapping, stomach kick to your reality.  And, the most coveted days are Friday and Saturday.  Saturday is the 8 PM schedule that network shows will place their best and most watched program.  Friday is considered the 9 PM network schedule.  You see-Saturday is a day that most people have off if they work a traditional Monday-Friday schedule.  Saturday is the day where you have off to do whatever it is but you chose to spend it with your significant other.  And, it speaks volumes when a guy will allow afternoon dates. They have considered the person they are dating as someone special to hone in on their prime time day.  But if a man is giving you the ABC award-winning Saturday 8 PM night slot, he more than values the person he is dating. The evening slot was held for hanging with the fellows.  He impeded on Guy Time to spend it with his lady is a significant strike to his heart.
If you want to know “What hour you are,” pay attention to his scheduling time for you.  And, call during the peak times to see if he answers. If a guy already has plans with the golden girl, he will not answer or text during these peak hours.  He is already out on a date with the special lady. So, be prepared for all the excuses as, “I fell asleep, didn’t see your message or call, I’ve been working out and extremely tired.” Wait for it…but you can come over to chill if you like.  Please stop and look at the hour he wants to relax.  I’m pretty sure he didn’t text or call back during the peak hours.

While my relationship with husband went from best buds to marriage, he would always give me the prime time hours when he courted me.  We spent so much of our free time together or was on the phone.  And, connected through video calls…regular phone calls is cool but a video call is much better.  He made sure that I knew and felt that I was his special lady.  I never had to question how he felt about me.  Sidebar, a guy that is genuinely interested in furthering the relationship, will never keep you guessing about his intentions.

Don’t Be “That Girl”

Everyone has that one girlfriend or at least know of the girl that spoon feeds her relationship to the masses. She’s overzealous about posting and broadcasting news of every guy she dates on social sites. Pictures galore, showered with cutesy daily posts on how much fun they’re having. The satisfaction of having people chime in sending congrats messages is the confirmation needed for “That Girl.” The relationship status is euphoria and constant high for these types of Girls. I emphasize on “Girl” because they behave like adolescent school girls crushing on a guy.

The budding of a new relationship or the possibilities of an endless love will cause some females to become over anxious. The news of their relationships constantly shared with friends or anyone that asks, “How is everything going.” They can’t wait to spill the beans about their soulmate. The only thing is that this quote on quote soulmate happens to be about the tenth potential soulmate most friends meet in a five-year span. We can say these girls are hopeless romantics that keep putting themselves out there. Or, I would rather say that they are “That Girl” that puts all their energy and time into relationships with men for constant admiration from friends/family. Instead of working on personal enhancements, Growth coupled with Maturity- “That Girl” becomes obsessed in “Finding The One.”

When you have a conversation with “That Girl.” The entire conversation is plagued on her relationship with Beau. She will go through the laundry list on why this is the “One.” And, don’t forget to mention that he is so different from the other guys she dated.  But of course…it’s Not like women would date the same type of guys. Insert sarcasm…why…because we are all guilty of dating repeat offenders. “That Girl” enjoy sharing the relationship with everyone, and they truly can’t help themselves because the need for validation is higher than their self-esteem.  “That Girl” loves to go overboard in her relationship. I believe it’s done for two reasons. One is to show the people around her she’s in a happy relationship. Two, to prove to the guy she’s the one for him. These girls cannot help themselves when broadcasting their relationships. The typical posts on Facebook are always about “Me and my boo.” They are now saving wedding clippings on Pinterest. I can speak on this because I was once “That Girl.” But not to the full extent of posting my relationships on social media. I pulled the wagon before the horse in several past relationships. I knew exactly where we should get married…the name of our children…what neighborhood we would live in…down to the song we would dance at the wedding. Yes, I know…totally “That Girl” behavior.


Bianca from “Doing too Much” chapter is a lovely person but falls under “That Girl.” She would love to announce to social media about her relationship of five-plus year.  He would not allow her to post their personal status. She once had the idea of proposing to him. I’m all for girl power, but some things should be kept traditional. She decided if the boyfriend did not propose by the end of the year…she would propose to him. Bianca even purchased the ring to propose. I know…nails on the chalkboard. Her friends pleaded with her to rethink this idea. In the end, Bianca did not propose which was good. However, by doing too much as discussed in earlier part of the book, she fell under the spell of being “That Girl.”  In the end, he broke up with her to relocate to another state and is now engaged.

Sandra, discussed in “Doing too Much” chapter is plagued by being “That Girl.” Sandra has deep routed insecurities, and that causes her to make awful decisions. Every relationship Sandra was in, was displayed all over Facebook. She craved the attention from her peers and people commenting about the relationship. Because each connection was a quick crash,  it resulted in her frequently changing her Facebook profile. Side note, if you’re married or been in a long committed relationship…I don’t advise using profile pictures with significant other.  Sandra once has an ex-boyfriend that lived out of town. She would drive hours just to be with him even though her son would be displaced going on these random drives. Sometimes, Sandra would get a babysitter for the son so she could go out of town to spend time with her beau. If the ex-boyfriend were equally committed to the relationship, he would had taken the time to commute back and forth. This was a common theme in all her past relationships. Sandra would dive off a cliff if she smelled a man on the bottom that was remotely interested.


In all things, we must have God lead our footsteps. If not, we would be shifted like sheep and led astray. Now that I’m married, I can truly reminisce about the absence of God in past relationships. When God is in control, he will allow women to meet the man created for her in due time. Our timetable is not God’s timetable. He does not operate on our whelms. If we genuinely place God as the head of our life, he will bring forth more than we can imagine. Side note, stop being “That Girl.” Have an allure of mystery about your relationships until routed on the path of marriage. Some things should be kept sacred and treasured. I believe relationships are the gems to be protected from intruders.




Family Ski Vacation In Gatlinburg, Tennessee


Our family goes on vacation at least once a year. The destination of choice this year was skiing in Gatlinburg, Tennessee. Since we live in Florida, we wanted the kids to experience being in the snow. With that said-we booked our trip in January for a February vacation.  Tennessee was experiencing a downfall of snow in January, but it didn’t snow while we were there.  The weather forecast during our vacation was plagued with two days of rain. We leave rainy Hades Florida to go to another rainy region…laughable.


Items to pack for small Kids
• Electric devices plus charges
• Small toys
• Coloring book w/crayons
• Learning materials
• Snacks upon snacks and then more snacks
• Stroller if needed
• Travel cups

We stayed at the Hamilton Inn by Hilton which was in the heart of Ober Gatlinburg, Tennessee. The town was quite cute with an old world charm. Our room was adequate for the time being. Next time, we will book a more spacious room to accommodate our entire family.

Adventure Outings
• Walking around the Gatlinburg town
• Arcade
• Anakeesta
• Tubing and Skiing







• Flapper Jacks Pancakes
• Crockett’s Breakfast Camp
• Calhoun’s
• Cherokee Grill and Ober Gatlinburg


Behind The Scenes


Anytime you’re planning a vacation with small adults ages three and two, be prepared for an adventure of unexpected bumps. Let’s all be honest for a second… breath. Traveling have its ups and downs, especially vacationing with toddlers. Please acknowledge that possible meltdowns may occur and that’s okay. As parents, it’s our duty to stay calm. And as Dori says, “Just keep swimming.” My daughter thinks Mommy is a snack queen and should continuously provide her princess unlimited snacks at any given time. My sweet baby bear turns into a howling grizzly bear in Usain Bolt speed when told no more snacks. My threenager wants to stay on his IPad all day playing car games. When it’s time to unplug, the high octane whining can start a jet. Always remember to have fun and enjoy all the memorable moments spent with family. No family is picture perfect, and we all have things going on behind the scene.



Girly Sports Apparel



Cheer with me RaRaRaRaRaRa-that’s the sound of finely having cute apparel to wear while you cheer for your team.    In the post, “ What To Wear For Different Occasions”- I touched on dressing for sporting events.  Ladies now have various choices to purchase sporting apparel that will keep them looking and feeling like a girly girl.  Clothing for all seasons are available to suit your needs.  These sites also offer accessories plus shoes galore.  I have a pair of FSU & UCF snow furry boots.




The terry cloth striped dress is roomy and ultra comfortable.  The dress can be easily paired with jeans/jeggings/leggings.  I love how the dress has pockets! I don’t know why this small detail on Dresses adds a smile to my face.  The timberland Boots gives a rugged feel.  I always considered myself as a stiletto wearing timberland type of gal with a little bit of country sass.




The off the shoulder top I’m wearing is a medium.  The size small was sold out.  This Top is so girly.  The tie on sleeves plus the buttons on the back make this top stand out.  Both pieces have the emblem of the college team.  I purchased it from the online shop Bows and Arrows.  This particular store offers other apparel items.  However, the team Apparel only caters to FSU and UF.  The high waisted skinny jeans are stretchy and moves well.  I purchased a size 8 because of the cut.  I always buy a larger size when it comes to skinny jeans.


Dress: $22.99 (currently on sale) Bows and Arrows

Top: $26.99 (currently on sale) Bows and Arrows

Jeans: $17.99 Groupon

Sports Apparel Site

  • Lady Fanatics http://www.ladyfanatics.com/
  • Garnet and Gold https://www.garnetandgold.com/
  • Flying Colors Apparel https://www.flyingcolorsapparel.com/17/home.htm
  • Bows and Arrows https://www.bowsandarrowsco.com/

Dress Puss


In attempts on putting together a fabulous outfit, one can wear too many trends or wear the wrong outfit for particular events. The term for this is called “Dress Puss.” It was originally used by one of my Uncle’s when describing his wife attire. My Aunt was wearing tons of accessories, a faux fur scarf, busy looking hat and high heels. Being overdressed for the place my Uncle and her were going, my Uncle looked at her and said, “You look like a Dress Puss.”

The photographed attire is all sorts of being a Dress Puss. Way too many themes taking place at one time. We are set for a snow adventure while attending a Cinderella Ball on to decide later to lounge around the house outside basking in the sun. It’s out of place and quite overwhelming. Work on sticking to one theme and not incorporating multiple themes at one time.

In many cases, the saying “Its better to be over dressed than under dress” can be misleading. As a sports fanatic, I had the privilege to attend many sporting events. It’s tragic to watch women dressed up in four inch heels, mini skirt that barely covers her treasured goods, going up the stairs to the noise bleed section to watch a football game. This female is caught in a fabulous case of being a dress puss. When a woman steps out the house, they love to look their best. However, if dressed incorrectly for certain events, can give off the wrong impression as being overly made up for a sporting event. If you’re not sitting court side or have box seat, its best to go with the flow of the sport theme. I am a girly girl that loves football and basketball. When I attend these games, I dress in the team apparel. Women now have several different places that sell trendy sporting clothing for girly girls.


I live in Florida and the weather is known for being tropical. Our winter consist of a few days of 60 degree weather which is unbearable for us flamencos. I had this one friend by the name of Joy who wanted to gather the interest of a guy she was crushing on. We were going to meet his friends At a sporting event and Joy wanted to get his attention. She decided to wear the team logo sweatshirt with extremely short shorts “Daisey Dukes.” This particular day happened to be one of those Florida winter days. While we were out, Joy was shivering because she desperately wanted to “Look Cute” for her crush. But instead of getting his attention in a positive note…he only made fun of her for trying too hard when she knew it was uncomfortably cold outside. In the end, she didn’t date her crush and he overlooked her. Ladies, I stress to you…men can smell if you’re trying to hard. Let’s recreate this scenario-Joy attended game with the same sports logo sweatshirt along with skinny jeans that would had showed her curvy figure and assets. She would had been warm-dressed appropriate for event and looking mighty cute.

Another example of dressing incorrectly, my girlfriend Ashley was going to a wedding. Ashley like Joy faced a cold Florida day. But this day was even colder, it happened to be an evening wedding were the weather dropped to a shocking 33 degrees, burrrrrrrr. Ashley like so many other typical girly girls already pre-planned her outfit weeks ahead. When she purchased the maxi dress it was during our warmer climate. The night of the wedding it turned into a record cold evening for Florida. She insisted on wearing the maxi dress with sandals even though it was going to be dreadfully cold. During her date, Ashley was uncomfortably cold and shivering during the night. Ohhhh did I mention, it was an outside wedding she attended. Poor Ashley was cold and her date tried to warm her up. She ended up getting a nasty cold right after and was sick for days. Ladies, I must stress to you once again…your health and being comfortable is not worth it for a man. Let’s try this scenario over again. Ashley attended wedding wearing a sweater dress paired with knee high boots and tied it all together with a beautiful scarf around her neck. Ohhhh that would had been a fabulous cute and warm outfit. She may or may not had picked up a cold but her teeth would not had been chattering louder than the music.


In my BMD “Before Married Days” I enjoyed the club scene.  A particular friend of mine was not accustomed to the club scene and didn’t know what to wear.  She ended up coming to the club looking like the Secretary of State instead of a sexy hip female.  She brought a huge tote bag that could hide a small army and to top it off with sensible stubby heels.  She had a case of the ohhhhhhhh my my my’s.  With the art of caring and coaching, I was able to assist her with how to dress for the club setting.  The next time she wore jeans with a cute flowy Top, wedge heels and a matching clutch bag to tie up the entire outfit beautifully.

All the ladies were being a Dress Puss. I’m a big advocate of dressing appropriately for any gathering and still remaining cute, sexy and fun. During my college partying days, my friends and I attended a fraternity party that was a themed pajama jam. This event allowed people to wear night attire for the party. With that said, it also allowed some women to wear risqué lingerie to the party and it deemed acceptable. While the group of girls I attended party wanted to be part of the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, I dressed completely different from the pack. I wore baggy Calvin Klein pajama bottoms with a cut-off top. I was dressed for the theme but stood out from the rest of the ladies. While the men ogled the ladies, I was complimented differently from the other ladies because I didn’t show all my unmentionable lady parts. The men kept coming up to me and complimenting my style. One of the fraternity guys said, “Out of all these girls, I find you to be the most sexy.” That did not garner a warm response from the girls I came with that was trying to be overtly sexy. You see ladies, sometimes it’s going against the grain.

Every setting is different, but as women we have a long range of stylish clothes to wear for any occasion. All occasions should be done appropriately. If you’re going to the beach, wear beach attire. This shouldn’t be the day to wear that full length ball gown you been dying to wear. If you’re attending a musical or play, try to dress cocktail savoy and not wear your latest grunge style to this type of event. If you’re going on a date and it depends on place and weather, please go with the appropriate setting and dress for the weather as well. I don’t believe in the statement, “It’s better to be over dressed than underdressed.” It’s better to be dressed appropriately at all times because we are typically aware of the places we’re attending.

(The names have been changed to protect the privacy of the individuals)

What To Wear For Different Occasions



Clothes, like music can be enjoyed by everyone. I’m a huge advocate for dressing appropriately for different occasions. I’ve heard the saying that it’s best to over dress than underdress. As a student of history, research and putting together factual pieces helps to decode the meaning of people, events, forecasting trends. With that said, before you attend an event…just like going on an interview, it’s best to be prepared. No one feels truly comfortable attending an event were they are not properly dressed.

1. Attending A Daytime Function 
Depending on weather restraints, wear a cool easy fitted attire. Form fitting clothes worn in the heat may leave sweat stains on garments. And, cause you to feel uncomfortable. Since confidence is an ingredient of your inner and outer look, you want to start off on a good note. For the ladies, pairing an outfit with sandals or wedges brings a level of comfort.  Ladies, having a sundress, maxi dress, rompers, shorts and skirts are essential pieces to have in closet. Anyone of these items are suitable for daytime activities.


2. Shopping Attire

Wear an outfit that is easy to remove, so the trying on clothes process is faster. I normally wear a sundress since it’s only one piece of clothing to remove. Wearing a dress allows you to try on bottoms with out removing the entire outfit. Walla, dress falls back down and we’re ready for the next outfit to try on. I also prefer wearing backless sandals or flip flops. They’re easy to slip on and off with out having to tie shoe laces or buckle straps. Grocery Shopping clothes are a little different. Yoga pants, leggings, jeggings are a nice fit. The grocery stores tend to be cold. And, since we’re going to be in store a little longer, it’s best to be comfortable.


3. Movie Attire
I know that I am breaking this down. But there’s a reason to my madness. Since the theatre seats are constantly filled with people. Wearing long pants and long sleeves are a must. For starters, the oils and scent from others are drenched in the seats and we don’t know how often the seats are cleaned. I’m not necessarily a huge germ head. I’m just particular about skin coming in contact with the movie seats. Wearing shorts or mini skirt to the movies freaks me out. The movie theatre also gets pretty cold and that’s why it’s important to be comfortable because you will be in there for at least a few hours.

Movie Outfit

4. Traveling Attire
Traveling attire should always be comfy and breathable. It doesn’t matter on the various types of travel. When traveling by plane, due to the cold temperature in the airport, it’s best to wear long pants or long dress/skirt/jacket/Cardigan. I follow almost the same guideline as dressing for the movies. The reason behind it…is because of the unsanitary seats on the plane and theater. Thousands of people travel and we do not know how often the seats are cleaned. Also, wear easy to remove shoes that will not delay you going through security. I am not trying to be one of those people herded together tying shoe laces or putting on complicated footwear. Sometimes going through the medal detectors can be annoying when small things like belts or too many buckles in jeans can set it off. That’s why it’s best to be a minimalist while traveling through the airport. Car trips doesn’t necessarily have to follow the same guidelines. You are dressed for the elements.



5. Work Function
I find that this is a grey area for a lot of people… Especially the corporate line of work. When the event consists of being with co-workers, it’s best to still wear cute semi-modest attire.  Food for thought-it’s also best to conduct yourself in a relax professional manner. No no to crude jokes, obsessive drinking, speaking ill about others.  Salacious talk always gets leaked around the office. Never be Blabby Gabby, Winey Willie or Angry Harry. That was a nice insert to help with maintaining office etiquette. For instance, I attended several outside work events. These events were held during the sunny Florida day. I wore Bermuda shorts that are close to the knees and a work polo shirt. It’s best not to go over board and have the attitude that I’m not at work, so I can wear anything.




6. Work Work Work
This is one of the areas that is my favorite to address. I’ve worked it various settings from the age of sixteen to late-thirties. I have seen just about your share of work No No’s. I am a firm advocate of dressing for success. If you work for a business, company, or organization, it’s best to know the apparel guidelines. Some establishments have company uniforms which I love. It keeps the guessing game on what to wear easy. When wearing the company uniform, keep it clean and ironed. My father worked for the US Postal Service until retirement. The postal service have uniforms that most be worn. My father shirt and pants were always clean and pressed. Another key word to remember is “Value.” Always be a person of value and value what you do no matter what it is. And, value others in spite of rank and title. All these tidbits and side notes are critical to self preservation.


Ladies-if you work in an office environment, please remember less is best. Let’s not try to wear that fishnet stockings you had stored in your dresser and dying to wear. Work is not the place…PUT IT AWAY!!! So many females had to experience the dreaded finger tip length when it came to wearing skirts and shorts. I don’t like the finger tip rule and think it’s hug wash. People have different body types and some people have shorter arms or torso’s. The skirts should be a few inches above knee due to the fact when you sit down… The skirt hikes up a few more inches. This part can be a sensitive topic but body size should also be factored in. I’m not the type of person that would encourage you to wear something that is not flattering. Business casual is almost a lost art. Slacks, dress skirts, pants and dresses are suitable items to wear. I’m a fan of properly fitting clothes. Clothes that should be worn for house chores should not be worn to work. Remember, the way you are visibly seen at work can reflect in a promotion or being taken seriously.

8. Weddings/Formal And Semi-formal Gatherings 
Daaaadaada-that’s the sound of the traditional wedding precession. Weddings are a fabulous place to wear that dress that you have been longing to wear. And, then again… Let’s stress what’s acceptable for which gathering. If you’re attending a daytime sunny wedding, please wear breathable pieces that will not leave sweat stains on garments. That long formal pageant dress with the sequence is over kill. You will look and feel uncomfortable and remember the key word is Comfortable. I attended a Fall wedding and was taken back when one of the guest wore UGG furry boots to a semi-formal gathering.  If it’s a wedding or gathering on grass surface, try pairing the attire with wedge heels. I’m a lover of wedge shoes. These shoes can easily go from dressy to casual. It also will not sink down in the grassy dirt and ruin the heel. I had to learn the hard way and ruined a nice pair of satin dress shoes because the heel were embedded in the dirt. If you attend a beach wedding or function, most of the times it’s breezy and your dress will blow in the wind. It’s best to go with the long flowy dress.


Go Formal if that’s the dress code. If you’re not in show business or constantly attending formal events, take the time to go all out. Yesssssss, I’m a visionary and love channeling different iconic legends from different eras. So, when I think of formal-I think of the opulent scenes of old Hollywood opera Movies. I can be over the top when it’s necessary. You can never truly mess up a formal look. The look can be ostentatious or simple but fierce. Bold statement jewelry , glitzy dresses, fashion forward shoes. The whole shabam plus the kitchen sink. I once wore a black satin dress with a deep v-neck in the back. I had my seamstress sew a long decorative rhinestone necklace on the back for a more dramatic illusion. Also, paired it with a rhinestone belt. Since the dress was simple, I added these extra elements to make the look standout. The dress was actually lingerie that I bought on sale. Since the the fabric was thick, I knew the look would not come off as tacky.


Dressing for different occasions does not have to be stressful, if like everything else is prepared first.