Orlando Blogger Meet-Up w/ Guest Speaker Civilla Morgan


I’m a member of the Orlando Blogger Meet-Up Group. The group focuses on kind collaboration and creating an atmosphere for people to meet at various locations within the city to network. The Blogger Group also have phenomenal guest speakers that share their passion for various endeavors. The guest host all always knowledgeable, kind, and passionate about their business. It’s incredible to have women sharing information with others without feeling threatened by competition.


The August 11, 2018 guest speaker was Civilla Morgan.  Civilla discussed being a Blogger and a podcaster.  She was able to provide detailed information on what’s needed to start a podcast and blog.  Her years of experience in the world of Finance shown with how meticulous the flow of information was so well balanced and put together.  Civilla’s soft-spoken and kindness created a warm, inviting space.



Garp and Fuss is a ultra-cute/stylish/quaint restaurant located on Park Ave.  The restaurant was once called The Bistro.  The new establishment is still nested in what seems to be a secret garden away from the busyness of society.   The warm environment and lovely staff helped to create a comfortable/unforgettable experience.    While we were at the restaurant, true to Florida weather-it began to rain.   Our group was seated in the glass atrium and covered by the underlay of trees hanging.  When the rain poured down like waterfalls on the glass atrium, the sweet sounds played harmonic tones upon the glass roof.  As thunderstorms swirled, I was comforted by the ambiance of the restaurant’s charm.  The restaurant charms do not stop there.  The back room has a pool table along with a television.  The restaurant also features an upstairs loft area with a T.V. to create a separate lounge space.  My overall experience was a joyful one that I hope others will experience at this lovely restaurant.


Useful Links

Civilla Morgan:  Childlessnotbychoice

Restaurant: Garpandfuss

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4 Ways To Wear A Pink Skirt


With every quintessential gal, we tend to lavish in the color pink.  Pink tends to be a girly feminine extension of our natural being.  I’m aware that some women are not a fan of the color pink but we’re going to appeal to our Pink Tribe and maybe gather a few non-Pinkies to our World.

The pink skirt is the staple piece that will be paired with different tops.  Each look can take on the face of simplicity to moderate business-like appeal.  All these looks can be achieved for less than $100.  The signature skirt was purchased on sale for $20.  The plain tee shirts were also affordable for around $10 and less.  The paisley top is an ancient piece from the closet and held up well over time.  The long sleeve striped dress shirt was given to me by an older sister.  Instead of purchasing a new wardrobe, utilize the pieces in the closet for a fresh new look.

Look One

  • Simple everyday white tee w/high heeled pink sandals
  • Long dangling necklace with pink jewels

Skirt: (Not Available) Charlotte Russe

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Look Two

  • Paisley whimsical shirt w/tie-back


Look Three

  • Navy tank top to add a pop of color contrast



Look Four

  • Semi-business flare to add the polish look


Doing Too Much

woman in black and white off shoulder dress standing near on brown wood panel

Photo by Godisable Jacob on Pexels.com

Women are natural caregivers and nurturers. When women over in dose, the response is not well received. This may cause the men to feel too babied and mothered. Babies need to bump their heads to learn awareness. If the man is overly nurtured, it will not create a healthy relationship with their partner.

woman wearing sunglasses and black top

Photo by Eneida Nieves on Pexels.com

Example, Bianca is currently in an off and on relationship with boyfriend of two years. The relationship evolved from a sexual tryst. Bianca’s boyfriend Brian does not want the relationship to become public. And frequently is snappy and abrasive to Bianca when she wants to post pictures of them on social media. She tolerates his behavior hoping things will get better and tends to use the “Oh we been together for years” phrase to justify his non-committal behavior. Ladies, we must not allow ourselves to fall victim to the notion of being in a relationship for years to warrant us to stay in an unhealthy non-prospering going nowhere relationship. Men will milk the situation and feel comfortable in the behavior pattern until the right person comes along and challenges their heartstrings. Yes, only the correct person will move your heart to be challenged to do better in life. When someone truly matters in your life, you will do what’s needed to correct a situation. Bianca has settled on this relationship with Brian because she does not believe she can do better. And, that is also a trick of the mind. If she would put the same amount of value in herself than she does in her relationship, her whole life would change for the better. God can not bless you in a relationship that he did not design for you to be in. We must go through several different wildernesses on this road of life but we must also know when it’s time to pack up and leave or pitch a tent. Too many of us have pitched tents in places that should have been just a passing stop.

woman with pink liquid on face

Photo by Bennie Lukas Bester on Pexels.com

I had a former friend that was the Queen of “Doing Too much.” Every relationship she had since I knew her were filled with her trying to create “The One” out of men that were simply passerby’s. Let’s call her Sandra since all the names have been changed to protect the personal identity. Sandra had an ex-boyfriend that she made into her adult man-child. When she was with Rob, he couldn’t even sneeze without her running to blow his nose. ..figuratively speaking. If Rob mentioned anything, Sandra would be there will bell ringing trying to fulfill his wishes. She even booked a weekend getaway in the cabins for them. Rob was supposed to pay half of the trip but failed too. Why would he, when he had “I would do anything for a man” type of girl? Sandra made all the arrangements and paid for the entire trip even though she did not have the money to pay her upcoming bills. She rather sacrificed a piece of happiness to portray to Rob that she was the girl for him. When Rob would complain about not having money to cover his bills, Sandra was right there to pay his electric bills or whatever else bills that needed to be paid. HHHHHHMMMMM, how was Rob able to pay his bills before he met Sandra? Side note: If a man was able to fund his endeavors before you entered his life, why would he need your funds to maintain his life. Say it loud, “You’re Doing Too Much.” Sandra’s “Doing too Much” state of mind all stemmed from having low self-esteem. Ladies, when you don’t think highly of yourself, you will allow non-sense to become your designer threads. Sandra was such a classic case of a desperate woman that once we were out having lunch with her and Rob. Rob picked up the check for us which was rather nice but Sandra went into her purse and gave him twenty dollars. Puzzled, later that day I asked her why would she do that and especially in front of us. She said, “Oh I know he really didn’t have the money and was just doing it to be nice.” Straight emoji face on that one. Not only did she disrespect his manhood in front of her then girlfriends but it showed him that she wanted to wear the pants in the relationship. Needless to say, that relationship crashed and torched on fire.

man and woman kissing

Photo by Michael Morse on Pexels.com

Sandra went on to date Bryce who she met at church and declared once again “He was the One.” She has been scoping Bryce for some time at the church. And finally had the courage to speak to him. When the pleasant conversation was over, Sandra gave Bryce her business card with all the contact numbers/emails to reach her. Yes, I screamed inside too…”Stop waving your red flag of desperation.” Sandra was hurt because Bryce did not contact her during the week and enlisted at the time a good friend of mine who is now my husband to get a male point of view. Corey, Sandra and I were all on a three-way phone call. She explains the situation to Corey and he tried to help her see the male perspective. Corey told her that men are natural hunters and the order of things will always be the more aggressive species. So, if Bryce wanted to get to know you…he would have pursued it. Corey tried to let her down kindly and even gave her a glimmer of hope that things may work out with Bryce. Once the call ended, Corey explained to me that the relationship with Sandra and Bryce will never work. Because men can sense a desperate female and it’s unattractive. Corey said, “Men are natural hunters and females are the Gazelle.” The Gazelle never hunt the wild cats because that’s not the natural order of things. Sandra ended up dating Bryce for a brief stint. She once again fell into “Doing Too Much.” She would pay for his gas and allowed him to use her ePass which is a prepaid device to pay tolls tied with your bank account. Not only did he abuse her ePass, Bryce used it so much that her account was constantly hit with finance charges because she didn’t have the funds in account when the ePass charge came in. This relationship also went downhill and was never ended by her.

man sitting beside woman

Photo by Joshua McKnight on Pexels.com

I too fell into the notion of “Doing Too Much.” I once was dating a guy named Justice. I thought if I did a lot of stuff to show I cared which is natural for me, that he would like me too. Justice was selfish and conceited. I once planned this elaborate dinner and purchased a lot of food to cook only for his to cancel last minute. I was totally bummed about it and felt foolish. I spoke to one of my best girlfriends Scotia and she is mighty blunt. I love her for this characteristic. She said, “Why are you doing all this stuff for a man that’s not your boyfriend.” You see, I was doing that…”Pick me Pick me” thing that I lost my perspective and ended up being a tool.

woman wearing yellow dress

Photo by Ferdinand Studio on Pexels.com

The lesson of these tales are, stop “Doing Too Much.” Even a shy man would pursue a woman that he finds interesting. We as woman merely have to be patient and allow God to play our matchmaker. God will order your steps as long as you give him permission to be your heavenly ruler.

Legoland + Universal Studios= Family Staycation


Every state has its signature sights to visit but my family and I happen to live in a city that kids will have the best moments.  We have a mouse for a neighbor, water parks galore, movie attractions and so much more.  I’m able to explore these places with my little ones. They are so blown away by the characters they watch on TV.  Every few seconds, their heads are swiveling trying to capture everything that is going on.  It’s a constant-“Mommy look…ohhh over there…ohhhh Mommy ohhhhh Mommy look at that…Daddy did you see that…I want to go there.”


We decided on doing back to back amusement parks.  Our first stop was Legoland.  It’s a hike from where we live.  So, we decided on staying at a hotel closer to the theme parks.  While people may think Legoland will have nothing interesting, other than legos.  People would be floored by how many activities and scenic spots the park offers.  The kid’s area is filled with rides for the little ones to enjoy.  Because it’s Legoland, lego tables are conveniently set-up in the lines while you wait for a ride.  This is brilliant and it keeps the kids occupied.  Located in the children zone, the park offered large legos for the kids to build.  My kids operated like a construction team building a castle. Insert-this is rainy Florida along with Firey heat.  We tend to receive multiple kinds of weather in one day. Always prepare for our weather conditions.  I had five ponchos. Why five and it’s just the four of us-you never know if something happens to one of the rain ponchos.  I like to be prepared for just about everything.  There’s an area in Legoland that has recognizable cities created with Legos.  The details are outstanding.



Legoland also has a water park located inside the park.  My daughter is two and does not care for the loud splashy parks.  It was great to see the water park had a separate area that had kid-friendly slides and not too busy looking activities.  My little brew and I ventured out to the lazy river.  It’s nice to see that the double floats had one of the tubes fully closed in like a seat for the younger kids to sit in without falling into the water.  My son is four and is able to do a little more activities than his little sister.  The water park had a massive water jungle attraction for the bigger kids.  There were slides everywhere, large water buckets that dropped massive amounts of water on the kids below.  This was too much excitement for my two years old who opted out.  My husband took our son into the water jungle and of course, it was right up my big boy’s alley.

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Orlando Blogger Meet-Up


The Orlando Blogger Meet-up holds monthly events in different establishments.  June Meet-up was held downtown Orlando at The Industrious Orlando.  Angie Curcio was the guest speaker that discussed tips and tricks on using Facebook live to grow your following and establish a community of raving fans.  Angie is an established holistic health coach that established her brand by using Facebook.

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Industrious Orlando office space rental is a chic place to create the perfect work environment.  The floor is modern with a simplistic vibe which will create a great place for meetings, hosting events and focusing on your work.  I personally love the open wide space with large windows for natural light.  It’s an ideal location to have an office in the fast-growing Orlando that overlooks the Doctor Philips Performing Center and Amway Arena.


Useful Links:

Industrious Office

Angie Curcio

The Blogger Union

Luminaries In Color Fashion Show Event

Luminaries in color is a non profit organization based out of Orlando, FL founded by my friend Sunny D.  The purpose of the organization is to educate, empower, and inspire. The organization caters directly to the community by hosting networking events, as well as educational and inspirational workshops and seminars. Luminaries in color was started in hopes of creating harmony, support, and empowerment within the community. The mission is to set the community on the direct path of fulfillment, together as one. Luminaries in color also gives back by highlighting outstanding luminaries within the community and working directly with the youth and impoverished community, creating opportunities for growth.


The fashion show event was one of the highlighted attractions of the evening.  I had the privilege to work with six beautiful women from various ethnic backgrounds and cultures.   We incorporated the different ethnic cultures traditional garb with a modern flair.  Queen Nefateri African roots led the runway followed by revolutionary Haiti with the mystique of Asia on the horizon, the natural allure of Spicy India mixes things up, while Indigenous beauty captivates the world, lastly- the sexiness of bountiful Italy tantalizes our senses.




The below clip is the rehearsal for the fashion show.  The original plan was to have the ladies walk on the stage.  However, the ramp was too steep and would had been an accident in waiting with women walking in heels.



The evening was a success!  The Ladies were spectacular and it was an honor styling them in the modern cultural wear.

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Amelia Island Getaway



May 1st is my wedding anniversary and, May 3rd is my birthday.  My husband and I tend to combine those two memorable days and go on vacation.  Our beautiful state of Florida has so many places to visit.  Amelia Island was an excellent choice.  I love the quaintness of the island and the nature scenery that can be seen while touring.  The Omni Resort Amelia Island Plantation was our hotel during our stay.  I always wanted to stay at an Omni hotel because of the luxurious high-end feel of staying in a mini palace.  The Omni experience was more than anticipated.  The entire grounds were nestled in a forbidden forest.  The resort felt like it has been there for centuries and the trees grew around it.

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We ate breakfast every morning at the Sunrise Cafe.  When I travel, there is always something or someone that adds a special place in my heart.  Miss Donnie is the person that set my little tummy on fire.  She created the delicious seafood omelets that my husband and I couldn’t get enough of.  Miss Donnie cooked the omelets as if we were guests in her house.  She was warm and had a friendly smile anytime we seen her.


Our first evening in Amelia Island, my husband Corey and I had dinner at Falcon’s Nest.  The restaurant was located on the resort premises.  We walked through a scenic path surrounded by beautiful foliage.  I ordered what I thought was going to be a simple, bland fish sandwich and was pleasantly surprised that it was deliciously seasoned.  Corey blackened shrimp was just as tasty.  I love when the food tastes as if it was cooked in someone’s home with love.


Adventure Day-we explored parts of the massive compound on our bicycle tour.  I am not the most coordinated person and looked weird trying to mount the bike.  Oh yeah, and I decided to wear a sundress with sandals because it was cute…total fail.  While biking through the trails, I received a few scraps from the bushes.  My husband and I tried to follow the map given to us ,but we then had to trust Miss Google to help navigate.  We visited two lush parts of the plantation that was breathtaking.


We decided to spend most of the day on Saturday, hanging out on the beach.  My husband and I were the best of friends before we became an official couple.  We have an ease about our relationship that allows us to enjoy each other company as friends.  Our relaxing day on the beach consisted of me reading, zoning out, dipping in the water and with Corey doing the same and doing minor work on his laptop.

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Any place spent with my husband, is always a wonderful experience because I’m able to travel with the person that I adore & love.



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40 Years Of Loving Me


In this shoot, I wanted to channel my favorite artist Beyoncé. I created alter ego “Sheyonce” by combining my name Shelly with Queen Bey. The Sheyonce part of my personality is the more sexy siren. It’s fun to transition from the mommy wearing sundress/yoga pants to ultra glamorous. The hair color is a first for me. I like the boldness and playfulness of changing hair color. I still feel like me but an HD version with striking hue. The black mesh dress contains cutouts in all the right places. Now, I’m ready for center stage.





What I Noticed Now That I’m 40

  • Prefer to text than call
  • Go for long periods of not speaking to family/friends but pick up where we left off
  • Netflix and chill with Mr. O are the best
  • In my Cardi B voice, “Cut a Bleep off so don’t get comfortable
  • Spending quality time with my husband and kids is much better than anything in the world
  • Quote my mother a lot more in her Panamanian voice. My favorite quote from mom-“Cost you nothing to be kind.”
  • Okay with not having designer anything
  • Talk is great but action has a better impact
  • Love the person that I’ve grown into

Happy Birthday You Diamond In The Rough



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In Terms of Relationships, “What Hour Are You?”

“There’s not that much busy in the day”-Scotia Powell
Some people work a traditional 9-5 and some work the night shift. The hours and time of the day vary depending on the individual. People tend to put more emphasis on scheduling what matters to them. As the above quote states, please note everyone availability varies but there is not that much busy in the day.  If you are not running the free world, please pipe down about your busy schedule. Former President Barrack Obama always found time in his schedule for Lady Michelle Obama. Are you the First Lady that receives prime time hours or the mysterious fox that goes in a hole? The 7-9 PM woman is the female that holds the magical time slot.  She will always receive the prime time hours that supersede friends and family. 7-9 PM women are allowed to book dates during prime time scheduling without her mate pitching a fit. Why-Simple, He sees the relationship as a budding fruitful long-lasting commitment that he’s willing to pursue.

Females tend to be very accommodating when it comes to excuses for their mate’s poor behavior. We will deem their lack of motivation in the relations is due to scheduling and being over exhausted. That is all huff and puff. Have you ever asked someone to do something that was extremely tired but when you mention something is in it for them…they perk up? Females will know what hour they fit in depending on the time men will set aside for them. Before I was married, some of the men that I dated did not deem me as the prime time hour lady.  I had the late night spot of chilling at the house to watch a movie because it was too late to go out or they were exhausted and wanted to stay inside. Ladies, please do not fall for this excuse.  Don’t fall for the excuse that nothing is open at this time “Lies.” You can go bowling, movies, coffee café, skating rink, etc. You will merely have to research which establishments are still open in the evening or take a walk around the park.  Or, simply reschedule.


In the case of Bianca, her beau Brian has this arrangement that he made with her regarding time spent.  It’s a bizarre arrangement where Brian will only come over twice a week. This is so weird for a couple that lives in the same city.  However, Bianca tolerates this arrangement even though she would prefer more quality time. Sidebar, ladies pay attention if the person you are dating tends to be less accommodating to your needs or request. If you notice that everything is based on their availability or comfort or whatever it is, please note this as a Flag.  Since Bianca and Brian’s relationship first started off as a sexual tryst, majority of their quality time is spent in a four-walled relationship.  Sidebar, ladies if you want a relationship that blooms into marriage, please be careful of starting a physical relationship with your intended beau to early in the dating stages. They are cases were having a sexual relationship with partner led to something more serious, but we would not want to Russian Revolt our heart, soul, and bodies on this. My husband always said this quote to me when we were merely friends…”Slow and steady wins the race.” Ladies, if the race is for your heart, you should put more stock in the person that you choose to date or even spend time with.

My male friends had girls sectioned off by time slots.  The woman they were more interested received the coveted time slot from 7-9 PM. The girls that they only wanted a four-walled relationship received the 10-12 AM slot. After that, is the after the club late night time slot of 1-3 AM. That was for the females that knew what time it is and could careless of the other line-ups.  As awful as this may sound, is as truthful as it is. This is a backslapping, stomach kick to your reality.  And, the most coveted days are Friday and Saturday.  Saturday is the 8 PM schedule that network shows will place their best and most watched program.  Friday is considered the 9 PM network schedule.  You see-Saturday is a day that most people have off if they work a traditional Monday-Friday schedule.  Saturday is the day where you have off to do whatever it is but you chose to spend it with your significant other.  And, it speaks volumes when a guy will allow afternoon dates. They have considered the person they are dating as someone special to hone in on their prime time day.  But if a man is giving you the ABC award-winning Saturday 8 PM night slot, he more than values the person he is dating. The evening slot was held for hanging with the fellows.  He impeded on Guy Time to spend it with his lady is a significant strike to his heart.
If you want to know “What hour you are,” pay attention to his scheduling time for you.  And, call during the peak times to see if he answers. If a guy already has plans with the golden girl, he will not answer or text during these peak hours.  He is already out on a date with the special lady. So, be prepared for all the excuses as, “I fell asleep, didn’t see your message or call, I’ve been working out and extremely tired.” Wait for it…but you can come over to chill if you like.  Please stop and look at the hour he wants to relax.  I’m pretty sure he didn’t text or call back during the peak hours.

While my relationship with husband went from best buds to marriage, he would always give me the prime time hours when he courted me.  We spent so much of our free time together or was on the phone.  And, connected through video calls…regular phone calls is cool but a video call is much better.  He made sure that I knew and felt that I was his special lady.  I never had to question how he felt about me.  Sidebar, a guy that is genuinely interested in furthering the relationship, will never keep you guessing about his intentions.

Don’t Be “That Girl”

Everyone has that one girlfriend or at least know of the girl that spoon feeds her relationship to the masses. She’s overzealous about posting and broadcasting news of every guy she dates on social sites. Pictures galore, showered with cutesy daily posts on how much fun they’re having. The satisfaction of having people chime in sending congrats messages is the confirmation needed for “That Girl.” The relationship status is euphoria and constant high for these types of Girls. I emphasize on “Girl” because they behave like adolescent school girls crushing on a guy.

The budding of a new relationship or the possibilities of an endless love will cause some females to become over anxious. The news of their relationships constantly shared with friends or anyone that asks, “How is everything going.” They can’t wait to spill the beans about their soulmate. The only thing is that this quote on quote soulmate happens to be about the tenth potential soulmate most friends meet in a five-year span. We can say these girls are hopeless romantics that keep putting themselves out there. Or, I would rather say that they are “That Girl” that puts all their energy and time into relationships with men for constant admiration from friends/family. Instead of working on personal enhancements, Growth coupled with Maturity- “That Girl” becomes obsessed in “Finding The One.”

When you have a conversation with “That Girl.” The entire conversation is plagued on her relationship with Beau. She will go through the laundry list on why this is the “One.” And, don’t forget to mention that he is so different from the other guys she dated.  But of course…it’s Not like women would date the same type of guys. Insert sarcasm…why…because we are all guilty of dating repeat offenders. “That Girl” enjoy sharing the relationship with everyone, and they truly can’t help themselves because the need for validation is higher than their self-esteem.  “That Girl” loves to go overboard in her relationship. I believe it’s done for two reasons. One is to show the people around her she’s in a happy relationship. Two, to prove to the guy she’s the one for him. These girls cannot help themselves when broadcasting their relationships. The typical posts on Facebook are always about “Me and my boo.” They are now saving wedding clippings on Pinterest. I can speak on this because I was once “That Girl.” But not to the full extent of posting my relationships on social media. I pulled the wagon before the horse in several past relationships. I knew exactly where we should get married…the name of our children…what neighborhood we would live in…down to the song we would dance at the wedding. Yes, I know…totally “That Girl” behavior.


Bianca from “Doing too Much” chapter is a lovely person but falls under “That Girl.” She would love to announce to social media about her relationship of five-plus year.  He would not allow her to post their personal status. She once had the idea of proposing to him. I’m all for girl power, but some things should be kept traditional. She decided if the boyfriend did not propose by the end of the year…she would propose to him. Bianca even purchased the ring to propose. I know…nails on the chalkboard. Her friends pleaded with her to rethink this idea. In the end, Bianca did not propose which was good. However, by doing too much as discussed in earlier part of the book, she fell under the spell of being “That Girl.”  In the end, he broke up with her to relocate to another state and is now engaged.

Sandra, discussed in “Doing too Much” chapter is plagued by being “That Girl.” Sandra has deep routed insecurities, and that causes her to make awful decisions. Every relationship Sandra was in, was displayed all over Facebook. She craved the attention from her peers and people commenting about the relationship. Because each connection was a quick crash,  it resulted in her frequently changing her Facebook profile. Side note, if you’re married or been in a long committed relationship…I don’t advise using profile pictures with significant other.  Sandra once has an ex-boyfriend that lived out of town. She would drive hours just to be with him even though her son would be displaced going on these random drives. Sometimes, Sandra would get a babysitter for the son so she could go out of town to spend time with her beau. If the ex-boyfriend were equally committed to the relationship, he would had taken the time to commute back and forth. This was a common theme in all her past relationships. Sandra would dive off a cliff if she smelled a man on the bottom that was remotely interested.


In all things, we must have God lead our footsteps. If not, we would be shifted like sheep and led astray. Now that I’m married, I can truly reminisce about the absence of God in past relationships. When God is in control, he will allow women to meet the man created for her in due time. Our timetable is not God’s timetable. He does not operate on our whelms. If we genuinely place God as the head of our life, he will bring forth more than we can imagine. Side note, stop being “That Girl.” Have an allure of mystery about your relationships until routed on the path of marriage. Some things should be kept sacred and treasured. I believe relationships are the gems to be protected from intruders.