Orlando Blogger Meet-Up w/ Guest Speaker Civilla Morgan


I’m a member of the Orlando Blogger Meet-Up Group. The group focuses on kind collaboration and creating an atmosphere for people to meet at various locations within the city to network. The Blogger Group also have phenomenal guest speakers that share their passion for various endeavors. The guest host all always knowledgeable, kind, and passionate about their business. It’s incredible to have women sharing information with others without feeling threatened by competition.


The August 11, 2018 guest speaker was Civilla Morgan.  Civilla discussed being a Blogger and a podcaster.  She was able to provide detailed information on what’s needed to start a podcast and blog.  Her years of experience in the world of Finance shown with how meticulous the flow of information was so well balanced and put together.  Civilla’s soft-spoken and kindness created a warm, inviting space.



Garp and Fuss is a ultra-cute/stylish/quaint restaurant located on Park Ave.  The restaurant was once called The Bistro.  The new establishment is still nested in what seems to be a secret garden away from the busyness of society.   The warm environment and lovely staff helped to create a comfortable/unforgettable experience.    While we were at the restaurant, true to Florida weather-it began to rain.   Our group was seated in the glass atrium and covered by the underlay of trees hanging.  When the rain poured down like waterfalls on the glass atrium, the sweet sounds played harmonic tones upon the glass roof.  As thunderstorms swirled, I was comforted by the ambiance of the restaurant’s charm.  The restaurant charms do not stop there.  The back room has a pool table along with a television.  The restaurant also features an upstairs loft area with a T.V. to create a separate lounge space.  My overall experience was a joyful one that I hope others will experience at this lovely restaurant.


Useful Links

Civilla Morgan:  Childlessnotbychoice

Restaurant: Garpandfuss

Outfit Details

Dress: Lilyboutique  Yellow Dress is no longer available.  The white version of this dress is available in selected sizes for $21.00

  • Dress size worn is (Medium) fits true to size.
  • The fabric is thick & of great quality

Wedges: purchased from Gojane is no longer available.  Checkout the other cute wedges on sale.


Orlando Blogger Meet-Up


The Orlando Blogger Meet-up holds monthly events in different establishments.  June Meet-up was held downtown Orlando at The Industrious Orlando.  Angie Curcio was the guest speaker that discussed tips and tricks on using Facebook live to grow your following and establish a community of raving fans.  Angie is an established holistic health coach that established her brand by using Facebook.

Shop This Look

Logo Tee: shirt $6.90 Charlotte Russe logo design by @ hellomaciana on Instagram

Skirt: Currently Unavailable Charlotte Russe

Wedges: Currently Unavailable Payless



Industrious Orlando office space rental is a chic place to create the perfect work environment.  The floor is modern with a simplistic vibe which will create a great place for meetings, hosting events and focusing on your work.  I personally love the open wide space with large windows for natural light.  It’s an ideal location to have an office in the fast-growing Orlando that overlooks the Doctor Philips Performing Center and Amway Arena.


Useful Links:

Industrious Office

Angie Curcio

The Blogger Union

Girly Sports Apparel



Cheer with me RaRaRaRaRaRa-that’s the sound of finely having cute apparel to wear while you cheer for your team.    In the post, “ What To Wear For Different Occasions”- I touched on dressing for sporting events.  Ladies now have various choices to purchase sporting apparel that will keep them looking and feeling like a girly girl.  Clothing for all seasons is available to suit your needs.  These sites also offer accessories plus shoes galore.  I have a pair of FSU & UCF snow furry boots.




The terry cloth striped dress is roomy and ultra comfortable.  The dress can be easily paired with jeans/jeggings/leggings.  I love how the dress has pockets! I don’t know why this small detail on Dresses adds a smile to my face.  The timberland Boots gives a rugged feel.  I always considered myself as a stiletto wearing timberland type of gal with a little bit of country sass.




The off the shoulder top I’m wearing is a medium.  The size small was sold out.  This Top is so girly.  The tie on sleeves plus the buttons on the back make this top stand out.  Both pieces have the emblem of the college team.  I purchased it from the online shop Bows and Arrows.  This particular store offers other apparel items.  However, the team Apparel only caters to FSU and UF.  The high waisted skinny jeans are stretchy and moves well.  I purchased a size 8 because of the cut.  I always buy a larger size when it comes to skinny jeans.


Dress: $22.99 (currently on sale) Bows and Arrows

Top: $26.99 (currently on sale) Bows and Arrows

Jeans: $17.99 Groupon

Sports Apparel Site

  • Lady Fanatics http://www.ladyfanatics.com/
  • Garnet and Gold https://www.garnetandgold.com/
  • Flying Colors Apparel https://www.flyingcolorsapparel.com/17/home.htm
  • Bows and Arrows https://www.bowsandarrowsco.com/

A Touch of Stripes




When the weather report is in the mid 60’s in beautiful Orlando, one can’t help but get excited about the possibilities of finally wearing winter wonderland clothes.  This touch of stripes shirt was debuted on the “How To Wear Casual Clothes” blog.  The shirt is durable and withstood several washes.  It’s made out of ultra soft material. The lace skunk-like stripe going down the back adds a cute style element.  I paired it with Black Jeggings to keep the outfit casual.  The boots were purchased last year on sale and I haven’t had many wears out of it due to the climate I live in.

Top: sale $12.99 Lily Boutique

Jegging: a vintage piece in the closet

Boots:  sale $55.99 Rack Room Shoes


Polka Dot Peplum Top + Jeans Mini Skirt



Polka Dot Peplum Top w/Jeans Mini Skirt

Introducing my Vintage Beauties Collection. Vintage Beauties are clothes or accessories in closest that past the test of time. They held up over the years through fads, wear and tear. I’m always glad to be able to maximize the usage out of clothes purchased. When I purchase clothes, I try to buy items that will surpass fads and I can keep wearing until I literally outgrow it.

The top was purchased on sale from Abercrombie back in the dark ages. The material is durable and still looks like new after several hundred washes. The skirt was the creation that I remade from a longer Jean skirt. The original jean skirt was ankle length with a long split in the back. I had the seamstress alter the skirt to create a cute cuffed mini.  This jeans skirt was purchased from Victoria’s Secret back in the era when they sold everyday wear for women other than exercise clothes. And, that’s why I call it Vintage Beauties. The sneakers are the only newly purchased item from Target for $16.99.

The Oh LaLa Denim Jumpsuit

Sexy Jeans Jumpsuit

Sexy V-neck w/Floral Design Denim Jumpsuit

Jeans Jumpsuit



Hot, Fire, Fuego, Caliente is the words that streamed across my eyes when I saw this volcano number online at Fashion Nova. I would like to introduce you to my alter ego “Sheyonce.” I like to showcase various looks for different events and tend to be on the girly wholesome sweet side. BUT every now and again, you have to remind yourself that you are made of dragon blood and the fire still runs hot. The Denim Jumpsuit definitely gave my hubby the spark plug eye stare. He absolutely loved this Jumpsuit and especially the cleavage part. The ultra form fitting Jumpsuit sucks and tucks everything to its correct position. I’m a curvy size six and ordered this Jumpsuit in a Medium. The Jumpsuit runs true to size and does not give any wiggle room to gain weight. I had to become the Little Engine that Could say, I think I can…I think I can just to get into the Jumpsuit.

The Jumpsuit stands alone…meaning that little accessories are needed to wear with this ensemble. I paired the look with an equally blazing red high heels. I love my Luichiny heels for its comfort and red heart on the bottom sole of each shoe. The peekaboo heart is a signature Luichiny design.

Fit Details: Jumpsuit- Medium/ Heels- 8.5

Jumpsuit: currently on sale $32.99 Fashion Nova

Heels: Luichiny on Amazon (purchased on sale)

Red Hot Dress for Work

Outfit Under $100




The lady in red is back but as workplace Barbie. Red is such a bold and striking color. In a sea of colors, red is the only color that can be distinguished and stands out the most.  The form-fitting vintage era dress is still appropriate for the non-conservative workplace. The dress length is past the knees for moderation. The form-fitting dress is stretchy and fits well with any body shape. Since this is a vibrant color, accessories should be used moderately.

Where to Wear Dress

  • The Office
  • Cocktail Event
  • Wedding
  • Church

Dress: $26.99 Amazon

Shoes: Amazon brand-Jessica Simpson (Print style may no longer be available)



Conservative Work Outfit




Move over Men in Black…the Lady in Black version is ready to make her mark. The traditional black suit is the perfect attire for the office setting that is more conservative.  The blazer/jacket is fitted with a peplum flare. The peplum blazer works well with a fitted bottom. The black bow pencil skirt is a breathable fit that qualifies for the office attire. The skirt is at the appropriate length which is close to two inches above the knee.  The shirt worn with suit brings out a little pizazz with the gray/black stripes. I didn’t want to wear a shirt that may appear flashy since the ensemble is more themed for a conservative office place.

Outfit Under $100

Shirt: (a Vintage piece from the closet) New York and Company

Blazer: $32.99 Amazon

Skirt: $17.25 Amazon

Shoes: $44.00 Amazon



Bold Work Clothes

Cute Bold Work Attire



Be colorful, bold and radiant with office attire.  Yes, some places have a more conservative atmosphere.  But if you don’t work at one of those places…unleash your bold variant flag.  I tend to flock towards the vintage style of dress when it comes to office attire.  The pencil skirt or dress wear is fashionable and trendy.  The length is appropriate for the office.  The entire outfit is less than a hundred dollars. So, strike a pose and have fun with office wear.

Outfit Under $100

How To Wear Dress

  • Flats, wedges, heels
  • A delicate necklace, choker or scarf
  • Hair tie, headbands, decorative clips

Where To Wear Dress

  • Office
  • Cocktail Party
  • Church
  • Networking Event
  • Wedding

Dress: $36.99 Amazon

Shoes: $24.99 Payless (purchased on sale)