Staycation at The Hilton Orlando Buena Vista Palace Hotel


Our beautiful little girl turned three early October. When we asked Caity what she wanted to do for her birthday, she said- ”I want to go to the Disney Castle.”And, we decided to embark on another staycation. Being Orlando residents and Disney pass holders, this request was more than reasonable for our Disney Princess. Hilton Buena Vista Palace was our choice for this embargo. My husband is a Hilton rewards Honor member, and we were also able to upgrade room. We have yet to be disappointed with staying at any Hilton Hotel.


Hilton Suite

Hotels that offer a separate living area is more spacious for a family. The suite also had two bathrooms. One bathroom with a tub/shower and a separate standing shower. This feature is perfect for families because we didn’t have to wait for an open shower to use for getting the kids ready. The half bath was located by the door.  This is such a splendid bonus!!! I used that bathroom to get ready while my husband was getting dressed. The suite had two balconies- one connected to the living room and the other one was attached to the bedroom. I enjoyed lounging on one of the terraces while my husband utilized the separate balcony while working on his laptop.


The hotel was located walking distance from the famous Disney Springs once known as Downtown Disney. We were able to walk from our hotel-cross over the walkway that connected directly to Disney Springs. The walk was truly a hop skip and jump away. Being that I have small children, I was concerned that it was going to be too much of a walk to the Springs but it was perfect. The only downfall is that the Springs is still a large area to cover without a stroller. I adore the Springs and being able to feel the excitement from my two little ones. The Disney Store Proberly contained anything Disney that your mind could think of. The kids had a field day in the stores. I limited the toys to two items each. And, we couldn’t get toys that we already had. That went out the window because my son wanted a particular “Cars” Jackson Storm car. My husband later informed me that our son had that car at home.  Oh well, now he has a back-up because kids always misplace toys or plain out lose them. It goes from Mommy Mommy we want…Mommy look at this…Mommy lets stop here…Mommy Mommy what’s that smell…Mommy Mommy Mommy etc. They kept me on my toes and I had a blast with them.



We had a goal of doing two parks on Saturday but our little girl started to catch a cold and wasn’t her chipper self. We started the day at Animal Kingdom which the kids love because they are currently into everything to do with dinosaurs. Our daughter is an animal lover and is fearless. She does not fear the animals like her momma or big brother. Caity Bear was able to brush and play with the animals by the Affection Section. The petting zoo animals consisted of sheep, goats, donkeys, cows, and pigs.



We weren’t able to visit Magic Kingdom that night due to the little Princess not feeling well.  The hotel amenities had too many things for us to enjoy. My husband and son were able to play in the arcade room and swim in the pool that also had a lazy river.  The next day was a treat for the kids. They were able to meet a few of the Disney characters.



We love to spend time together whether it’s staying at home, riding bikes, playing hide &seek, to traveling adventures. We make memories with our day to day lives. I wonder what’s the next family vacation.


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