How To Style Tulle Skirt



Tulle is a quintessential material known actually for weddings or formal events. It’s a fun girly flirty item that can be accessorized to be worn in a non-formal way. The denim shirt paired with this pink skirt created a warm appeal. The quarter sleeve front pocket shirt casual look brought out the skirt which added a bonus of cuteness.  To offset the look, I wore pink bow heels that is quite a darling.


Another fun way to style Tulle Skirt is with a plain simple white tank top. It keeps the look sweet and simple. It can be accessorized with jewelry that’s understated so it would not take away from the entire look. I purchased a Tulle slip that goes underneath the skirt to make it fuller.

With all ensembles, I like to create a focal point. The focal point is always an item whether it’s a top, pair of pants, bold shoe, statement hair or accessories that draw the eye towards that particular piece. The pink Tulle Skirt is the focal piece for the outfit. A Tulle Skirt is already a dramatic number. I paired the skirt with subtle tops in order for the look to be toned down. This look has been known to be worn as a bridesmaid gown and a fun hip wedding gown. It’s all in how you style the skirt.  This skirt is able to maximize various looks for whatever event or personality.


When I play around styling outfits, I sometimes channel style icons, influential memorable scene outfits or an era.  This style is brought to you with a modern Cinderella flare.  While the Cinderella dress/look is iconic, this look is a whimsical semi-practical and ready to make a dash at any moment without tripping over a long dress.

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2 thoughts on “How To Style Tulle Skirt

  1. Kelly at Twentysomething Vision says:

    I love that you bought a slip for the skirt! It really does make it look fuller. Always loving your flirty, fun, sophisticated styles.

    • hopelovessunshine says:

      Thank you Kelly😊! I try to add pieces of my personality with everything I wear. The slip added the poofy look I wanted 😃.

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