Orlando Blogger Meet-Up w/ Guest Speaker Civilla Morgan


I’m a member of the Orlando Blogger Meet-Up Group. The group focuses on kind collaboration and creating an atmosphere for people to meet at various locations within the city to network. The Blogger Group also have phenomenal guest speakers that share their passion for various endeavors. The guest host all always knowledgeable, kind, and passionate about their business. It’s incredible to have women sharing information with others without feeling threatened by competition.


The August 11, 2018 guest speaker was Civilla Morgan.  Civilla discussed being a Blogger and a podcaster.  She was able to provide detailed information on what’s needed to start a podcast and blog.  Her years of experience in the world of Finance shown with how meticulous the flow of information was so well balanced and put together.  Civilla’s soft-spoken and kindness created a warm, inviting space.



Garp and Fuss is a ultra-cute/stylish/quaint restaurant located on Park Ave.  The restaurant was once called The Bistro.  The new establishment is still nested in what seems to be a secret garden away from the busyness of society.   The warm environment and lovely staff helped to create a comfortable/unforgettable experience.    While we were at the restaurant, true to Florida weather-it began to rain.   Our group was seated in the glass atrium and covered by the underlay of trees hanging.  When the rain poured down like waterfalls on the glass atrium, the sweet sounds played harmonic tones upon the glass roof.  As thunderstorms swirled, I was comforted by the ambiance of the restaurant’s charm.  The restaurant charms do not stop there.  The back room has a pool table along with a television.  The restaurant also features an upstairs loft area with a T.V. to create a separate lounge space.  My overall experience was a joyful one that I hope others will experience at this lovely restaurant.


Useful Links

Civilla Morgan:  Childlessnotbychoice

Restaurant: Garpandfuss

Outfit Details

Dress: Lilyboutique  Yellow Dress is no longer available.  The white version of this dress is available in selected sizes for $21.00

  • Dress size worn is (Medium) fits true to size.
  • The fabric is thick & of great quality

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  1. Kelly at Twentysomething Vision says:

    I love what you said about Civilla creating a warm and inviting space! She was so kind and knowledgeable. Great post, and loved your outfit as always! 🙂

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