Legoland + Universal Studios= Family Staycation


Every state has its signature sights to visit but my family and I happen to live in a city that kids will have the best moments.  We have a mouse for a neighbor, water parks galore, movie attractions and so much more.  I’m able to explore these places with my little ones. They are so blown away by the characters they watch on TV.  Every few seconds, their heads are swiveling trying to capture everything that is going on.  It’s a constant-“Mommy look…ohhh over there…ohhhh Mommy ohhhhh Mommy look at that…Daddy did you see that…I want to go there.”


We decided on doing back to back amusement parks.  Our first stop was Legoland.  It’s a hike from where we live.  So, we decided on staying at a hotel closer to the theme parks.  While people may think Legoland will have nothing interesting, other than legos.  People would be floored by how many activities and scenic spots the park offers.  The kid’s area is filled with rides for the little ones to enjoy.  Because it’s Legoland, lego tables are conveniently set-up in the lines while you wait for a ride.  This is brilliant and it keeps the kids occupied.  Located in the children zone, the park offered large legos for the kids to build.  My kids operated like a construction team building a castle. Insert-this is rainy Florida along with Firey heat.  We tend to receive multiple kinds of weather in one day. Always prepare for our weather conditions.  I had five ponchos. Why five and it’s just the four of us-you never know if something happens to one of the rain ponchos.  I like to be prepared for just about everything.  There’s an area in Legoland that has recognizable cities created with Legos.  The details are outstanding.



Legoland also has a water park located inside the park.  My daughter is two and does not care for the loud splashy parks.  It was great to see the water park had a separate area that had kid-friendly slides and not too busy looking activities.  My little brew and I ventured out to the lazy river.  It’s nice to see that the double floats had one of the tubes fully closed in like a seat for the younger kids to sit in without falling into the water.  My son is four and is able to do a little more activities than his little sister.  The water park had a massive water jungle attraction for the bigger kids.  There were slides everywhere, large water buckets that dropped massive amounts of water on the kids below.  This was too much excitement for my two years old who opted out.  My husband took our son into the water jungle and of course, it was right up my big boy’s alley.


Universal Studios Florida was the second park we visited for our staycation.  The weather was like any other day in Florida-Hot with a chance of rain.  The kids had a field day running around.  Each attraction was eye-popping for them…everything appears large and lifelike.  The Minions were the first attraction that caught the kids attention. However, it was a 50 minute wait time and we decided to do this attraction later.  We opted on purchasing the express pass.  The park offered a great deal for the passes for half off after 4 PM.  In the meantime, we went on the Shrek ride and then walked around for a couple of hours. Since we got to the park around 2 PM, it made sense to really do all the rides after 4.  We were able to have a late lunch and the kid zone area provided enough activities to keep the kids entertained until 4.


We stayed at Homewood Suites Hilton.  I truly love the hotels that cater to family or extended visits.  The hotel suite was spacious which included a kitchen, separate living room, and one bedroom with two double beds.  Traveling with a family, it’s important to have space.  We stayed at other prestigious hotels but it really didn’t have space unless you spent a small fortune.  The Hilton suites have everything in mind for a family without breaking the bank.


What I learned

  • Not to wear a black shirt (Heated)
  • Put daughter in sneakers
  • NAPS NAPS NAPS for kids (They Need It)
  • Don’t pack the entire house in a backpack
  • Check around the bed for items (We forgot phone that fell by the bed)

2 thoughts on “Legoland + Universal Studios= Family Staycation

  1. Scotia Powell says:

    Very nice Shelly. I would really like to visit Legoland. I’m so glad you guys had an awesome trip. I love your daughter’s romper. 😉. The kids are growing so fast. Keep living and loving. Much love from the South.

    • hopelovessunshine says:

      Thanks doll- it’s definitely an amusement park worth going too. They even have a hotel located on the premises.

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