40 Years Of Loving Me


In this shoot, I wanted to channel my favorite artist Beyoncé. I created alter ego “Sheyonce” by combining my name Shelly with Queen Bey. The Sheyonce part of my personality is the more sexy siren. It’s fun to transition from the mommy wearing sundress/yoga pants to ultra glamorous. The hair color is a first for me. I like the boldness and playfulness of changing hair color. I still feel like me but an HD version with striking hue. The black mesh dress contains cutouts in all the right places. Now, I’m ready for center stage.





What I Noticed Now That I’m 40

  • Prefer to text than call
  • Go for long periods of not speaking to family/friends but pick up where we left off
  • Netflix and chill with Mr. O are the best
  • In my Cardi B voice, “Cut a Bleep off so don’t get comfortable
  • Spending quality time with my husband and kids is much better than anything in the world
  • Quote my mother a lot more in her Panamanian voice. My favorite quote from mom-“Cost you nothing to be kind.”
  • Okay with not having designer anything
  • Talk is great but action has a better impact
  • Love the person that I’ve grown into

Happy Birthday You Diamond In The Rough



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