Family Ski Vacation In Gatlinburg, Tennessee


Our family goes on vacation at least once a year. The destination of choice this year was skiing in Gatlinburg, Tennessee. Since we live in Florida, we wanted the kids to experience being in the snow. With that said-we booked our trip in January for a February vacation.  Tennessee was experiencing a downfall of snow in January, but it didn’t snow while we were there.  The weather forecast during our vacation was plagued with two days of rain. We leave rainy Hades Florida to go to another rainy region…laughable.


Items to pack for small Kids
• Electric devices plus charges
• Small toys
• Coloring book w/crayons
• Learning materials
• Snacks upon snacks and then more snacks
• Stroller if needed
• Travel cups

We stayed at the Hamilton Inn by Hilton which was in the heart of Ober Gatlinburg, Tennessee. The town was quite cute with an old world charm. Our room was adequate for the time being. Next time, we will book a more spacious room to accommodate our entire family.

Adventure Outings
• Walking around the Gatlinburg town
• Arcade
• Anakeesta
• Tubing and Skiing





• Flapper Jacks Pancakes
• Crockett’s Breakfast Camp
• Calhoun’s
• Cherokee Grill and Ober Gatlinburg


Behind The Scenes

Anytime you’re planning a vacation with small adults ages three and two, be prepared for an adventure of unexpected bumps. Let’s all be honest for a second… breath. Traveling have its ups and downs, especially vacationing with toddlers. Please acknowledge that possible meltdowns may occur and that’s okay. As parents, it’s our duty to stay calm. And as Dori says, “Just keep swimming.” My daughter thinks Mommy is a snack queen and should continuously provide her princess unlimited snacks at any given time. My sweet baby bear turns into a howling grizzly bear in Usain Bolt speed when told no more snacks. My threenager wants to stay on his IPad all day playing car games. When it’s time to unplug, the high octane whining can start a jet. Always remember to have fun and enjoy all the memorable moments spent with family. No family is picture perfect, and we all have things going on behind the scene.


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