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Cheer with me RaRaRaRaRaRa-that’s the sound of finely having cute apparel to wear while you cheer for your team.    In the post, “ What To Wear For Different Occasions”- I touched on dressing for sporting events.  Ladies now have various choices to purchase sporting apparel that will keep them looking and feeling like a girly girl.  Clothing for all seasons are available to suit your needs.  These sites also offer accessories plus shoes galore.  I have a pair of FSU & UCF snow furry boots.




The terry cloth striped dress is roomy and ultra comfortable.  The dress can be easily paired with jeans/jeggings/leggings.  I love how the dress has pockets! I don’t know why this small detail on Dresses adds a smile to my face.  The timberland Boots gives a rugged feel.  I always considered myself as a stiletto wearing timberland type of gal with a little bit of country sass.




The off the shoulder top I’m wearing is a medium.  The size small was sold out.  This Top is so girly.  The tie on sleeves plus the buttons on the back make this top stand out.  Both pieces have the emblem of the college team.  I purchased it from the online shop Bows and Arrows.  This particular store offers other apparel items.  However, the team Apparel only caters to FSU and UF.  The high waisted skinny jeans are stretchy and moves well.  I purchased a size 8 because of the cut.  I always buy a larger size when it comes to skinny jeans.


Dress: $22.99 (currently on sale) Bows and Arrows

Top: $26.99 (currently on sale) Bows and Arrows

Jeans: $17.99 Groupon

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