Dress Puss


In attempts on putting together a fabulous outfit, one can wear too many trends or wear the wrong outfit for particular events. The term for this is called “Dress Puss.” It was originally used by one of my Uncle’s when describing his wife attire. My Aunt was wearing tons of accessories, a faux fur scarf, busy looking hat and high heels. Being overdressed for the place my Uncle and her were going, my Uncle looked at her and said, “You look like a Dress Puss.”

The photographed attire is all sorts of being a Dress Puss. Way too many themes taking place at one time. We are set for a snow adventure while attending a Cinderella Ball on to decide later to lounge around the house outside basking in the sun. It’s out of place and quite overwhelming. Work on sticking to one theme and not incorporating multiple themes at one time.

In many cases, the saying “Its better to be over dressed than under dress” can be misleading. As a sports fanatic, I had the privilege to attend many sporting events. It’s tragic to watch women dressed up in four inch heels, mini skirt that barely covers her treasured goods, going up the stairs to the noise bleed section to watch a football game. This female is caught in a fabulous case of being a dress puss. When a woman steps out the house, they love to look their best. However, if dressed incorrectly for certain events, can give off the wrong impression as being overly made up for a sporting event. If you’re not sitting court side or have box seat, its best to go with the flow of the sport theme. I am a girly girl that loves football and basketball. When I attend these games, I dress in the team apparel. Women now have several different places that sell trendy sporting clothing for girly girls.


I live in Florida and the weather is known for being tropical. Our winter consist of a few days of 60 degree weather which is unbearable for us flamencos. I had this one friend by the name of Joy who wanted to gather the interest of a guy she was crushing on. We were going to meet his friends At a sporting event and Joy wanted to get his attention. She decided to wear the team logo sweatshirt with extremely short shorts “Daisey Dukes.” This particular day happened to be one of those Florida winter days. While we were out, Joy was shivering because she desperately wanted to “Look Cute” for her crush. But instead of getting his attention in a positive note…he only made fun of her for trying too hard when she knew it was uncomfortably cold outside. In the end, she didn’t date her crush and he overlooked her. Ladies, I stress to you…men can smell if you’re trying to hard. Let’s recreate this scenario-Joy attended game with the same sports logo sweatshirt along with skinny jeans that would had showed her curvy figure and assets. She would had been warm-dressed appropriate for event and looking mighty cute.

Another example of dressing incorrectly, my girlfriend Ashley was going to a wedding. Ashley like Joy faced a cold Florida day. But this day was even colder, it happened to be an evening wedding were the weather dropped to a shocking 33 degrees, burrrrrrrr. Ashley like so many other typical girly girls already pre-planned her outfit weeks ahead. When she purchased the maxi dress it was during our warmer climate. The night of the wedding it turned into a record cold evening for Florida. She insisted on wearing the maxi dress with sandals even though it was going to be dreadfully cold. During her date, Ashley was uncomfortably cold and shivering during the night. Ohhhh did I mention, it was an outside wedding she attended. Poor Ashley was cold and her date tried to warm her up. She ended up getting a nasty cold right after and was sick for days. Ladies, I must stress to you once again…your health and being comfortable is not worth it for a man. Let’s try this scenario over again. Ashley attended wedding wearing a sweater dress paired with knee high boots and tied it all together with a beautiful scarf around her neck. Ohhhh that would had been a fabulous cute and warm outfit. She may or may not had picked up a cold but her teeth would not had been chattering louder than the music.


In my BMD “Before Married Days” I enjoyed the club scene.  A particular friend of mine was not accustomed to the club scene and didn’t know what to wear.  She ended up coming to the club looking like the Secretary of State instead of a sexy hip female.  She brought a huge tote bag that could hide a small army and to top it off with sensible stubby heels.  She had a case of the ohhhhhhhh my my my’s.  With the art of caring and coaching, I was able to assist her with how to dress for the club setting.  The next time she wore jeans with a cute flowy Top, wedge heels and a matching clutch bag to tie up the entire outfit beautifully.

All the ladies were being a Dress Puss. I’m a big advocate of dressing appropriately for any gathering and still remaining cute, sexy and fun. During my college partying days, my friends and I attended a fraternity party that was a themed pajama jam. This event allowed people to wear night attire for the party. With that said, it also allowed some women to wear risqué lingerie to the party and it deemed acceptable. While the group of girls I attended party wanted to be part of the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, I dressed completely different from the pack. I wore baggy Calvin Klein pajama bottoms with a cut-off top. I was dressed for the theme but stood out from the rest of the ladies. While the men ogled the ladies, I was complimented differently from the other ladies because I didn’t show all my unmentionable lady parts. The men kept coming up to me and complimenting my style. One of the fraternity guys said, “Out of all these girls, I find you to be the most sexy.” That did not garner a warm response from the girls I came with that was trying to be overtly sexy. You see ladies, sometimes it’s going against the grain.

Every setting is different, but as women we have a long range of stylish clothes to wear for any occasion. All occasions should be done appropriately. If you’re going to the beach, wear beach attire. This shouldn’t be the day to wear that full length ball gown you been dying to wear. If you’re attending a musical or play, try to dress cocktail savoy and not wear your latest grunge style to this type of event. If you’re going on a date and it depends on place and weather, please go with the appropriate setting and dress for the weather as well. I don’t believe in the statement, “It’s better to be over dressed than underdressed.” It’s better to be dressed appropriately at all times because we are typically aware of the places we’re attending.

(The names have been changed to protect the privacy of the individuals)

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  1. Jasmine says:

    I enjoyed reading this post! Definitely opened up to my eyes as a woman about how we try so hard to impress men, our friends, family, etc with how we dress. If we decide to dress appropriately for the occasion, we can still turn heads no matter what 🙂

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