What To Wear For Different Occasions



Clothes, like music can be enjoyed by everyone. I’m a huge advocate for dressing appropriately for different occasions. I’ve heard the saying that it’s best to over dress than underdress. As a student of history, research and putting together factual pieces helps to decode the meaning of people, events, forecasting trends. With that said, before you attend an event…just like going on an interview, it’s best to be prepared. No one feels truly comfortable attending an event were they are not properly dressed.

1. Attending A Daytime Function 
Depending on weather restraints, wear a cool easy fitted attire. Form fitting clothes worn in the heat may leave sweat stains on garments. And, cause you to feel uncomfortable. Since confidence is an ingredient of your inner and outer look, you want to start off on a good note. For the ladies, pairing an outfit with sandals or wedges brings a level of comfort.  Ladies, having a sundress, maxi dress, rompers, shorts and skirts are essential pieces to have in closet. Anyone of these items are suitable for daytime activities.


2. Shopping Attire

Wear an outfit that is easy to remove, so the trying on clothes process is faster. I normally wear a sundress since it’s only one piece of clothing to remove. Wearing a dress allows you to try on bottoms with out removing the entire outfit. Walla, dress falls back down and we’re ready for the next outfit to try on. I also prefer wearing backless sandals or flip flops. They’re easy to slip on and off with out having to tie shoe laces or buckle straps. Grocery Shopping clothes are a little different. Yoga pants, leggings, jeggings are a nice fit. The grocery stores tend to be cold. And, since we’re going to be in store a little longer, it’s best to be comfortable.


3. Movie Attire
I know that I am breaking this down. But there’s a reason to my madness. Since the theatre seats are constantly filled with people. Wearing long pants and long sleeves are a must. For starters, the oils and scent from others are drenched in the seats and we don’t know how often the seats are cleaned. I’m not necessarily a huge germ head. I’m just particular about skin coming in contact with the movie seats. Wearing shorts or mini skirt to the movies freaks me out. The movie theatre also gets pretty cold and that’s why it’s important to be comfortable because you will be in there for at least a few hours.

Movie Outfit

4. Traveling Attire
Traveling attire should always be comfy and breathable. It doesn’t matter on the various types of travel. When traveling by plane, due to the cold temperature in the airport, it’s best to wear long pants or long dress/skirt/jacket/Cardigan. I follow almost the same guideline as dressing for the movies. The reason behind it…is because of the unsanitary seats on the plane and theater. Thousands of people travel and we do not know how often the seats are cleaned. Also, wear easy to remove shoes that will not delay you going through security. I am not trying to be one of those people herded together tying shoe laces or putting on complicated footwear. Sometimes going through the medal detectors can be annoying when small things like belts or too many buckles in jeans can set it off. That’s why it’s best to be a minimalist while traveling through the airport. Car trips doesn’t necessarily have to follow the same guidelines. You are dressed for the elements.



5. Work Function
I find that this is a grey area for a lot of people… Especially the corporate line of work. When the event consists of being with co-workers, it’s best to still wear cute semi-modest attire.  Food for thought-it’s also best to conduct yourself in a relax professional manner. No no to crude jokes, obsessive drinking, speaking ill about others.  Salacious talk always gets leaked around the office. Never be Blabby Gabby, Winey Willie or Angry Harry. That was a nice insert to help with maintaining office etiquette. For instance, I attended several outside work events. These events were held during the sunny Florida day. I wore Bermuda shorts that are close to the knees and a work polo shirt. It’s best not to go over board and have the attitude that I’m not at work, so I can wear anything.




6. Work Work Work
This is one of the areas that is my favorite to address. I’ve worked it various settings from the age of sixteen to late-thirties. I have seen just about your share of work No No’s. I am a firm advocate of dressing for success. If you work for a business, company, or organization, it’s best to know the apparel guidelines. Some establishments have company uniforms which I love. It keeps the guessing game on what to wear easy. When wearing the company uniform, keep it clean and ironed. My father worked for the US Postal Service until retirement. The postal service have uniforms that most be worn. My father shirt and pants were always clean and pressed. Another key word to remember is “Value.” Always be a person of value and value what you do no matter what it is. And, value others in spite of rank and title. All these tidbits and side notes are critical to self preservation.


Ladies-if you work in an office environment, please remember less is best. Let’s not try to wear that fishnet stockings you had stored in your dresser and dying to wear. Work is not the place…PUT IT AWAY!!! So many females had to experience the dreaded finger tip length when it came to wearing skirts and shorts. I don’t like the finger tip rule and think it’s hug wash. People have different body types and some people have shorter arms or torso’s. The skirts should be a few inches above knee due to the fact when you sit down… The skirt hikes up a few more inches. This part can be a sensitive topic but body size should also be factored in. I’m not the type of person that would encourage you to wear something that is not flattering. Business casual is almost a lost art. Slacks, dress skirts, pants and dresses are suitable items to wear. I’m a fan of properly fitting clothes. Clothes that should be worn for house chores should not be worn to work. Remember, the way you are visibly seen at work can reflect in a promotion or being taken seriously.

8. Weddings/Formal And Semi-formal Gatherings 
Daaaadaada-that’s the sound of the traditional wedding precession. Weddings are a fabulous place to wear that dress that you have been longing to wear. And, then again… Let’s stress what’s acceptable for which gathering. If you’re attending a daytime sunny wedding, please wear breathable pieces that will not leave sweat stains on garments. That long formal pageant dress with the sequence is over kill. You will look and feel uncomfortable and remember the key word is Comfortable. I attended a Fall wedding and was taken back when one of the guest wore UGG furry boots to a semi-formal gathering.  If it’s a wedding or gathering on grass surface, try pairing the attire with wedge heels. I’m a lover of wedge shoes. These shoes can easily go from dressy to casual. It also will not sink down in the grassy dirt and ruin the heel. I had to learn the hard way and ruined a nice pair of satin dress shoes because the heel were embedded in the dirt. If you attend a beach wedding or function, most of the times it’s breezy and your dress will blow in the wind. It’s best to go with the long flowy dress.


Go Formal if that’s the dress code. If you’re not in show business or constantly attending formal events, take the time to go all out. Yesssssss, I’m a visionary and love channeling different iconic legends from different eras. So, when I think of formal-I think of the opulent scenes of old Hollywood opera Movies. I can be over the top when it’s necessary. You can never truly mess up a formal look. The look can be ostentatious or simple but fierce. Bold statement jewelry , glitzy dresses, fashion forward shoes. The whole shabam plus the kitchen sink. I once wore a black satin dress with a deep v-neck in the back. I had my seamstress sew a long decorative rhinestone necklace on the back for a more dramatic illusion. Also, paired it with a rhinestone belt. Since the dress was simple, I added these extra elements to make the look standout. The dress was actually lingerie that I bought on sale. Since the the fabric was thick, I knew the look would not come off as tacky.


Dressing for different occasions does not have to be stressful, if like everything else is prepared first.

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