Disney World Staycation For The Holidays


During the Christmas Holiday, instead of going out of town…my family embarked on a Staycation in our beautiful city of Orlando, FL.  Staycations are the best and it allows you to uncover or rediscover interesting fun things to do in your town.  Orlando is known for being Mickey Mouse town.  So, why not enjoy the festivities at the world reknown Disney World.  We have two lovey Toddlers.  And, what kid wouldn’t love to visit Disney World to see the beloved characters that they watch on television.  Instead of making the 45 minutes drive to Mickey’s home, we decided on staying on the Disney Property.


The lovely Disney Port Orleans at Riverside became our home for the weekend.  My husband and I wanted to choose a hotel that had the character charms in the resort rooms.  We were not disappointed because the room was richly done with prince & princess theme.  A large painting of Princess Tiana adorned the room which was befitting the theme since this character was from New Orleans.


Port Orleans rooms are nicely done with details at each turn.  Even though the hotel is older, the craftsmanship was spectacular!  The A/C unit in room was encased by a wooden box that fit the decor of the theme.  The grounds were immaculate and I can’t rave enough on how detailed the hotel appeared to resemble a New Orleans vintage era place.  While at the resort, we rented a four passenger bicycle.  My husband and I peddled while the kids had fun ringing the bell.  This is no easy task for two out of shaped people but we managed to go around on the bike trail twice, since the kiddos loved it.




The hotel offered transportation to the Disney Parks and a boat ride to Disney Springs “Downtown Disney.” The buses arrived in ten to fifteen minutes increments. And, to our surprise…the buses brought you to the Disney entrance.  In the past, we parked and had to take the monorail or boat inside the parks.  When you take the boat ride to Disney Springs, is another magical experience.  Disney Springs aka Downtown Disney is plagued with different retail stores, restaurants, and activities that will impact your stay.  I had sensory overload when we entered The World of Disney Store.  The store is gigantic with wall to wall Disney goodies that will have your eyes popping out at every turn.  It’s  easy to get sucked in the Disney magic and overspend.  But to all my budget conscious people, please checkout UNIQLO store for your shopping apparel needs.  I purchased a Mickey tee-shirt from World of Disney and ended up retuning it after falling into the UNIQLO store were all items are affordable.  I bought a tee-shirt and sweatshirt for the price of the tee-shirt at World of Disney.

We had a two day stay at the resort.  Friday, was our adventure at Animal Kingdom.  The kids had a field day gushing over all the animals.  The park takes you away to exotic places without having a passport.  The park has a lot of things to do for small children.  My kids especially enjoyed the Dinosaur section.



Our second day, was spent at the Magic Kingdom.  We purchased the Fastpass which I highly recommend.  The Fastpass allows you to move through the lines faster.  The kids had a late nap which allowed them to stay up a little pass their bedtime to see the fireworks.


It’s truly a magnificent experience to visit the Disney parks with Family.  Being a resident of Orlando, we’re able to frequent the parks at our leisure.  The little ones always have a blast and we will continue to go until they grow out of it.  But, it’s Disney and we never truly out grow our inner Disney kid.


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