My Brown Baby Girl


Sitting at a toddler size desk in a seat created for a pint-sized human, was my normal spot to color with my two-year-old daughter. She was overly happy to color in her coloring book. I tend to ask her what color are you using. This evening was a little different. I observed her coloring so passionately with intense concentration and vigor. I said, “Caity, what color is Mommy?” She replied, “Brown.” Then I asked her, what color are you? She replied, “Brown…I Brown Mommy” I was moved by her innocence and ability to recognize the color skin she was born with. Then it saddens me…because this country will soon categorize her as “Black.” And, with that category comes the wicked box of stereotypes that are associated with being “Black.” She will learn that being Black will now be viewed as a minority and that word alone “says minor” less than…and if you’re minor…then who is the majority? With being labeled Black comes with the uneasiness people get when you’re around. With being labeled Black…one is perceived as distrustful…unintelligent…lazy…up to no good…guilty. Please understand the terms Black and White were created to divide and separate people. It was an effective social construct to keep the indentured servants and slaves from bonding together to overtake a class driven society. People were once identified by their nationality and not the color of their skin. This country is constantly creating new ways to separate us. She will have to learn the Black Rules. These are a set of unwritten rules Black People have to govern themselves by.

What I say to you, my beautiful brown baby girl… you are a Goddess…a divine gift of creation…a rare beauty that can be traced through the lineage of your people…you have the spirit of the Moors…you have the essence of the Pharaohs…your intellect superseded the Greeks…the fire in your eyes would make the Sun quiver…you are a warrior that the world will try to hide…and you sit not at the table but The Head of the Table. My Queen, My Goddesses, My Daughter!

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