Fall Flirty Dress








Since we’re in Fall, I felt it was best to spruce up my fashion and embrace the budding season.  This asymmetrical wrapped dress is great for the Autumn season.  The orange color is one of the fallen leaves we normally see during this time.  I have to preface this by saying, since I live in Florida…we barely see the four seasons.

When I purchased the dress, I thought it may be great as an office outfit.  My mind quickly changed after it arrived and I tried it on.  The dress is a tad bit short for work, so it will now go with my other cute non-work attire clothes.   Minor warning, the fabric is linen and dress was rather wrinkly when taken out of the package.  If you’re not a fan of ironing or having clothes dry cleaned, this is not the dress for you and that’s okay.  Because the Fashion Nova online store where the dress was purchased from have tons of clothes that will suit your fancy.  The dress is made of quality and I truly adore the ruffles on the helm and sleeves. The wedges are my go to shoes since it pairs well with a lot of outfits.  The wedges are actually made from the same linean fabric as the dress.  I highly recommend this dress for your fall wardrobe.

Dress: $34.99 Fashion Nova

Wedges: $21.70 (Item may no longer be available) Gojane



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