Polka Dot Peplum Top + Jeans Mini Skirt



Polka Dot Peplum Top w/Jeans Mini Skirt

Introducing my Vintage Beauties Collection.  Vintage Beauties are clothes or accessories in closest that past the test of time.  They held up over the years through fads, wear and tear.  I’m always glad to be able to maximize the usage out of clothes purchased.  When I purchase clothes, I try to buy items that will surpass fads and I can keep wearing until I literally out grow it.

The top was purchased on sale from Abercrombie back in the dark ages.  The material is durable and still looks like new after several hundred washes.  The skirt was my creation that I remade from a longer Jean skirt.  The original jean skirt was ankle length with a long split in the back.  I had seamstress alter the skirt to create a cute cuffed mini.  This jeans skirt was purchased from Victoria’s Secret back in the era when they sold every day wear for women other than exercise clothes.  And, that’s why I call it Vintage Beauties.  The sneakers are the only newly purchased item from Target for $16.99.

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