The Oh LaLa Denim Jumpsuit

Sexy Jeans Jumpsuit

Sexy V-neck w/Floral Design Denim Jumpsuit

Jeans Jumpsuit



Hot, Fire, Fuego, Caliente are the words that streamed across my eyes when I seen this volcano number online at Fashion Nova. I would like to introduce you to my alter ego “Sheyonce.” I like to showcase various looks for different events and tend to be on the girly wholesome sweet side. BUT every now and again, you have to remind yourself that you are made of dragon blood and the fire still runs hot.  The Denim Jumpsuit definitely gave my hubby the spark plug eye stare.  He absolutely loved this Jumpsuit and especially the cleavage part. The ultra form fitting Jumpsuit sucks and tucks everything to its correct position.  I’m a curvy size six and ordered this Jumpsuit in a Medium.  The Jumpsuit runs true to size and does not give any wiggle room to gain weight. I had to become the Little Engine that Could saying, I think I can…I think I can just to get into the Jumpsuit.

The Jumpsuit stands alone…meaning that little accessories is needed to wear with this ensemble. I paired the look with an equally blazing red high heels. I love my Luichiny heels for its comfort and red heart on the bottom sole of each shoe.  The peekaboo heart is a signature Luichiny design.

Fit Details: Jumpsuit- Medium/ Heels- 8.5

Jumpsuit: currently on sale $32.99 Fashion Nova

Heels: Luichiny on Amazon (purchased on sale)

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