Bold Work Clothes

Cute Bold Work Attire



Be colorful, bold and radiant with office attire.  Yes, some places have a more conservative atmosphere.  But if you don’t work at one of the those places…unleash your bold variant flag.  I tend to flock towards the vintage style of dress when it comes to office attire.  The pencil skirt or dress wear is fashionable and trendy.  The length is appropriate for the office.  The entire outfit is less than a hundred dollars. So, strike a pose and have fun with office wear.

Outfit Under $100

How To Wear Dress

  • Flats, wedges, heels
  • Delicate necklace, choker or scarf
  • Hair tie, headbands, decorative clips

Where To Wear Dress

  • Office
  • Cocktail Party
  • Church
  • Networking Event
  • Wedding

Dress: $36.99 Amazon

Shoes: $24.99 Payless (purchased on sale)


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