Floral Maxi Dress

Floral Maxi Dress

Outfit Under $100




Clothes is a continuation of our selves.  When you purchase a piece of clothing, it should always give you warm and fuzzies.  You move, feel, and think in a happier place when you wear clothes that you actually like and that is flattering.  Once the confidence stream trickles in your blood, we get a heightened Endorphins that’s exciting.  The floral Maxi Dress gave me those rush of being on a Hawaiian vacation. This dress was purchased on one of my favorite shopping sites,  Fashion Nova While, some maxi Dresses fans out to have a non-clinging affect-the floral Maxi dress hugs the body to accentuate a woman’s beautiful physique.  I even like the little diamond shaped opening in the bodice area.  The floral design is bold and striking. You are able to accessorize dress with any color shown in the dress.  This is a fun dress to wear just about any place as well.

Maxi Dress: $29.99 Fashion Nova

Wedges: $21.70 Gojane

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