Casual Cool Outfit 




When the warm weather rolls around, we can finally breakout our short shorts and enjoy the outside climate. The casual comfy feel of wearing a tank top paired with shorts is the perfect attire to run errands, hit up a few parks, attend an outdoor function without being overdressed. This casual ensemble is cute but also practical to chase Toddlers/Kids/Or any other being that warrants you to be constantly in the running stance.

Top: (item may no longer be available) Groupon

Shorts: $38 Francescas

Sneakers: Vintage piece $11.99 Gojane



The romper is another great piece to add to your summer collection.  It’s practically an adult onesie that comes in different styles.  Some rompers can be fitted while others resembles a dress.  You are able to showcase any type of style with a romper.  This particular style is paired with belt to accentuate the waist and add an element of flare.  The lace up sandals brings out the cutesy factor in ensemble.  The style is ultra comfortable and stylish enough to wear in a casual gathering.  The intricate details on the sandals allows the outfit to pop.

Romper: $38 Francescas

Belt: $24 Francescas

Sandals: $32 Venus



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