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I am drawn to the color white. It makes everything appear clean cut. The white out is the white section in my closet. When I see white, the images appear of a pure, heavenly, regal, sweet, classy and wholesome gem.  My White Out is inspired by the actress Lisa Rae and how she  wears white. Miss Rae is known for only wearing white and it’s immaculately done with a fresh look. A staple color for your wardrobe is white ladies. Homework time- next time you’re shopping for a particular outfit, if the outfit comes in white…please try it on. You will be pleasantly surprised how refreshing you look. Also, white is a fun color to accessorize. White is a fashionable color that people are known to have or attended “All White Parties.”  Please don’t be that person attending an all White Party wearing a different color. It comes off tacky and rude to the host of the event.

I have a variety of Day dresses in white. If the item comes in white, I stray towards white like a moth to a flame. I love to see how many different looks you can get out of one white attire. I like wearing a white sundress that comes to the knee with a pair of cowgirl boots. If you have a cowgirl hat, the outfit will go to another level. Adorning it with long dangly necklaces or chunky bangles. The accessorizing with this look really can’t be over done if you pair it with a simple white sundress. This look can be equally paired with sandals or tennis shoes. And the beauty of it, the color of the shoes does not have to be white. I’m also a wedgie. My term “Wedgie” means a lover of wedge shoes. A wedge heel can be worn as causal or spice up an outfit to appear dressier depending on the look.

Ladies, embrace the magical world of white in your closet.  Have a White Affair and White Out a section in your closet. You will not be disappointed by the different looks you can wear from one garment. Please stay tuned for the White Out pictures. Now, I just need a white cape!!!

First Dress: $34.99 Fashion Nova

Second Dress: $24.98 (item on sale) Francescas

Shoes: Silver heels vintage piece in closet & pink heels $29 Lulus

7 thoughts on “White Affair

  1. Blake says:

    I was just about to order this white dress from Fashionnova. What size did you order? How does it fit?

  2. Jasmine says:

    I was thinking about buying this dress from Fashion Nova and I saw your review under the outfit which lead me to your blog! It looks so cute on you! I think I am going to get this dress now. I usually do small, but I think I’m going to go with the medium just because of the material! Anything else you can tell me about this dress?

    • hopelovessunshine says:

      Hi Jasmine-I wear a size six and on the curvy side, so I purchased a (medium). The dress does have a slender fit in the midsection. I hope you love the dress and would love to see a pic when you buy it 😃.

      • Jasmine says:

        Okay that gives me an idea! I wear a size 5 and I’m petite, 5’5 so I might just get a medium just to be safe due to the slender midsection! I will definitely take a pic and show you! The all white party im going to isn’t until next month but I’ll try it on before then so you can see! Thank you!

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