Off the Shoulder Tops + White Jeggings 








Let’s breakout the fresh feel of a pair of white Jeggings.  White is a signature color for all seasons.  Well, in the older days it was a fashion No No to wear white after Labor Day.  Those days are now behind us, thank heavens.  I’ve never been a sticker to trends.  I prefer to wear what I like and if it happens to be on trend, whoopee.  The off the shoulder tops are the latest fashion trends.  These tops are feminine and elongates the neck for a slender look.   The loose flowy top is a welcomed piece for me since it camouflages any undesirable body hang ups.  It’s a fun versatile look that can be casual or dressy.  One minute you’re at a barbecue and the next minute you can be out on the town.  The brown gladiator sandals creates the casual appeal…while the wedge sandals adds a dressier touch.

Tops: Francescas $38 for Blue off the Shoulder & $38 White Lace off the Shoulder

Jeggings: Charlotterusse $20

Sandals: $32 Venus
Wedges: $32.50 gojane

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