Hairstyles for Long Hair 









My real hair is cut in a short bob. I love wearing wigs and extensions to create different looks. I embrace the versatility being able to wear different styles. Lately, I have been experimenting with clip-in extensions. The freedom of clip-in extensions also allow you wash real hair frequently opposed to the sew-in hair. When I’m heading to the beach or pool, I can easily take them out.








The sew-in hair is braided to your scalp and the hair is weaved into the braid. Washing sew-in extensions are doable by massaging the shampoo into the parts. Or, you can also have a hair stylist wash your hair when you have a sew-in. I especially love getting dolled up by letting the professionals wash and style sew-in hair.





Ladies, we have the option to try different hairstyles and purchase hair enhancements.  We can have a short sassy cut one day and the next day hair like Rapunzel.  Hair is an accessory to play and have fun with.

Hair Stylist

Tiffany at Healthy Hair Couture 

Instagram: Tiffvny.m_

Danielle at Just Blow It

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