Girls Night Out Outfit 

Cute top + Jeans

Girls Night Out is a ritual that most of us woman have partaked in.  We all need these nights to bond with our friends over food, music and adult beverages.  We designate the time and place and start our “What share we Wear” dilemma.  We stare in our closets as if some type of genie will magically design our evening attire.  We try on several different types of outfits looking for the best fit, the most comfy, the confident boast, the stylish on trend apparel.  Whoosh, a lot goes in mind when creating the best Girls Night Out ensemble.  Every outfit is based on the venue, weather and mood.  The mood is very important and chances are…we may had the mind set to wear a particular outfit while taking a shower and then do a switch at the last minute.  On this particular night, I was slated to wear my black/white gingham sundress with red heels.  It was a last minute decision to nix that outfit.  I decided on a simple top with stretchy Jeggings.  Since we were having dinner at a Greek restaurant and the evening was going to be festive with dancing, I felt this outfit would go better with the evening.

Top: vintage piece from closet purchased at Bebe

Jeggings: $20 Charlotterusse

Wedges: $29.90 gojane

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