3 Types of Maxi Dresses 

Dresses Galore

It’s not a secret…I love dresses!!! The more the merrier!  With the versatility of a maxi dress, you are able to achieve various looks.  The coral reef is a fresh delightful color that works well on any skin tone.  The empire waist dress with flowy flare allows women of any body size to wear without body concerns.  Since I have a tuffet, aka “fluffy midsection” I’m able to wear maxi dress without my special body clinging enhancements.  The length of the maxi is perfect for the vertically blessed people.  Also, the beauty of having a long dress allows us to unveil our super sexy heels or wedges.  The black simple maxi dress is an easy breezy piece that is great for running errands without wearing uncomfortable clothes.  The simplicity of the dress is also great to Wear Around the House while still feeling/looking cute as a button.  Last but not least, minty fresh airy maxi dress.  This piece is a great look to Wear for date night or a night of fun with friends.  The modest sexiness of the crisscrossing top adds a special detail on the dress that compliments well.  This dress embraces the curvy and well endowed women.  To find a maxi dress that incorporates your style, body type and flare For uniqueness, please checkout the online store www.venus.com and you will not be disappointed.

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