How To Wear Staple Pieces 

“When in doubt, wear a belt”

Staple pieces in your wardrobe are items that accessorize well with other outfits. You may have a particular hat that goes well with different ensembles and adds the much needed flare to spice up a piece. Some have staple shoes that dazzle any outfit. My go to staple item is a beige, stretchy, wide, stone encrusted belt. The elasticity of the belt allows one to fluctuate in size without needing to purchase a new belt. The natural color of the belt can easily pair well with any outfit. The belt with a sundress adds separation from the top & bottom which cinch the waist to create a hour glass figure. This same concept works well with loose fitting tops. A skinny belt gives a dainty feel to any outfit. I’m more prone to buying belts with bows because it adds a feminine touch while creating a little flare. Staple pieces are cost efficient by the reuse on recreating an outfit. Invest in staple items to add to your wardrobe.

7 staple pieces for wardrobe
1. Belts

2. Hats

3. Bags

4. Scarfs

5. Hair accessories

6. Shoes

7. Sashes


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