How To Wear Jeans




What size pants do you wear> Jeggings
Move over pants and say hello to my little stretchy friend…Jeggings! Jeggings are one of the wonders of the world. They are moveable, breathable, stretchy like leggings but outer shell is a denim jeans appeal. Jeggings are the cousin to Jeans without the nightmare of jumping up and down, laying on the bed, huffing and puffing to get on. Woof, exhausted just thinking about putting on jeans. The genius behind Jeggings needs a Noble Peace Prize.  Yes, because they made peace with our thighs and behind.

I’m a classic simple girly girl. The white Jeggings is paired with a denim top to offset the white. This look is also adorned with one of my favorite staple pieces-“belt.” This belt accessorize well with other outfits. The belt paired with this outfit gathers nicely to create a hour glass figure. Remember from previous blog when I mentioned being a wedgie, I heart wedges because you’re able to wear a casual outfit or dressier ensemble. Wedges have a versatile look and should be added as a staple piece to ones closet. Side note: Staple pieces are items in closet that can be worn with multiple outfits.


Top: $9.99 (item purchased on sale)

Jeggings: $20 (item purchased on sale)

White Wedges: $39.99

Denim Wedges:  $19.99  (item purchased on sale)

Sneakers:  $12.99

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