How To Wear Casual Outfits

Super casual day at the zoo with the family last weekend.  The paisley top is a vintage piece from closet that held up pretty well over the years.  It’s important to purchase quality items and also maintain clothes by washing with care.  To have long lasting clothes, follow the directions on tags on how to care for each piece.  The simplicity of the look was due to having kids and running, bending, picking up and wanting to be super hands on with their needs.  Inexpensive tennis shoes were purchased because they are easy for me to toss in the wash and replace them if it falls apart.  If I wear sneakers, they tend to be keds or converse.  I love re-working vintage pieces in closet and not ashamed of having clothes for years.  I try to buy items that are not necessarily trendy since the fad can go out of style.

Top:  Ross (item purchased on sale)

Jeans:  $12.99 (item purchased on sale)

Sneakers:  $10.99

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