Blue & White Bohemian Dress

“Bohemian Style”


The Boho movement aka Bohemian is another style that I gravitate too. The looseness flare of the bohemian dress or top allows us ladies to feel ultra comfortable/confident without the body insecurities. The blowy feminine touch is a crowd pleaser for us ladies that like the look of swept away in the waves feeling. I like to imagine being on a windy beach frolicking as the dress whimsically blows in the wind and gets caught in the waves. Now you can envision a bohemian look and purchase one to capture this feeling.


The featured look is an off the shoulder dress with denim blue stripes. This dress can be worn with or without a belt. The belt helps cinch the waist to create a more defined and slender look. While the non-belted look, allows for the dress to be in its natural appearance. Undesirable body hangups can be secretly hidden under the bohemian dress. This ensemble can be paired with just about any style of shoe. The quirkiness of the bohemian piece leaves it open to impression and easily inviting to create any type of canvas.

Dress: $12.62 (item may no longer be on sale)

Sandals: $30

Belt: $19.99 (item may no longer be on sale)

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