Gingham Fit & Flare Dress

Gingham Style



The gingham print is circa Wizard of Oz. The Dorothy skipping down the yellow brick road with her picnic basket singing has been revamped. Dorothy has been transformed to Shelly walking down the street without a tune wearing a black/white gingham sweetheart neckline skater fitting dress. The picnic basket has been updated to a straw tote bag. The dazzling red slippers has been turned into cute comfortable wedges or red shoes with gold heels.

The gingham is an eclectic vintage piece that can be easily accessorized. The piece featured is paired with a red bow belt. I wanted to spice up the look by adding more color. Since the black/white print is an easy color to mix & match other colors, I choose one of my favorite colors “Red.” The heels choosen for this outfit is a red pair of Luichiny shoes. The signature Luichiny have a red heart on the soles of the shoes. The gingham dress inspired by a girl caught up in a fantasy world…is now the quintessential girl next door making her fantasies a reality.

Dress: $34.76 Lucca Couture on (item may no longer be on sale)  

Shoes: $14.50 Luichiny on (item may no longer be on sale)

Sandals:  $19.99 (item may no longer be on sale)

Belt:  $5.99

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