Coral Skater Dress 


“The Coral Reef”




Coral is a beautiful vibrant color that warms the eyes. The Spring bouquet of flowers have an assorted hue with fun colors to choice for your Spring Collection.  Coral is that flame to the color palette. Coral can be worn by people with different shades of color. The bold color will have an individual to be looked upon as the diamond in the ruff. Since the color is so breathtaking, you can wear it during the day and compete with the sun or you can wear during the evening and sparkle with the stars.

The skater dress with cinched waist creates a classic sleek look while wearing a bold color. The quality of the fabric is thick and will withstand multiple washes. The coral skater dress is a fun Girlie Girl piece to wear. The ensemble is paired with tan wedge sandals. Side note: I am a Wedgie aka person incredibly obsessed with wedge shoes. In order not to take away from the cute dress, minimum accessories were worn. I prefer the dress to be the focal piece and simplify the accessories. Sometimes the best accessories are a smile and styled hair.

Dress: $44

Sandals: $30

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