Floral Spring Time Dress

How To Wear Spring Dresses





When we think of Spring, we think of flowers blooming in a meadow. Birds chirping and basically a Disney movie theme song playing in the background. Spring is fresh…a renewing of creative ideas flowing with a boost of hope. I naturally gravitate to dresses as mentioned in prior blog. I love the feminine feeling and having a variety of girlie dresses to wear.


The bohemian Floral Dress is what Spring is all about. The airy non-confirming fit is breathable. The dress can be worn to achieve multiple styles. The dress can be worn with or without a belt. Maximize style by pairing dress with fitted bottoms. As mentioned in previous blog, try to minimize bulkiness. The reason I tend to wear belts with a lot dresses, is to create a small waistline. I like when a belt is strategically worn on a dress to create a more define hourglass physique. Since the Floral print is a bold statement, I prefer to wear plain shoes. Too many embellishments may create a busy look and we ladies prefer not to make a spectacle of ourselves. Enjoy the newness of Spring and bring forth your flower child.


Dress:  $28.99 charlotterusse.com

Jeggings:  $20 charlotterusse.com

Sandals:  $29 Francescas.com

Belt:  $19.99 Francescas.com



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