Black & White Skater Dress


How To Wear Spring Dresses





The secrets out the bag…I Love Dresses! And, the shape of dress…wait for it! The skater cupcake dress style. I have a section in my closet carved out for my dresses also done by color. The striped black/white dress showcases legs+arms+modest cleavage. I haven’t dived into the world of accessories, so you will always see zero to a few accessories showcased. I’m slowly dipping my toes in this arena but still get overwhelmed. Ladies, try not to over accessorize an outfit that has a bold print. The dress is the focal piece and heavy accessories may take away from the look. The dress is paired with black wedges. Side note: I’m a Wedgie/Wedge Head! I heart wedge shoes.

Dress: $20 charlotterusse
Shoes: $19.99 Payless

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