Coral Maxi Dress





I heart dresses and all things flirty/frilly. Ladies, you can never go wrong in a dress. It’s whimsical twirling Girlie Girl delight. Women of all shapes/sizes can pull off any type of dress that compliments our body. As mentioned in the Girlie Girl blog, the below looks creates a great ensemble to wear spring dresses.

• Pair sundress with accessories of your choice/cute sandals, flip flops, wedges, non bulky tennis shoes i.e. Keds or converse, sexy high heels and boots.

Second Look: maxi dress galore. Fitted maxi’s or wind blown maxi is also a universal Look for all shapes. The empire waist of the maxi is appreciated by me and others that have a tuffet. Btw, tuffet is the name of my mid section that is on the fluffy side. The whimsical maxi dress hides all types of Body insecurities that we may deem unflattering.  For instance, we mentioned the tuffet, wearing big bloomers, unshaven legs…we all have those days. Wear a cardigan or denim jacket. The same shoes can be applied to this look as the sundress minus boots.

Dress: $44 Venus

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