Work Out/Lounge Clothes



If you look good, you feel good.” There’s no need to walk around the house looking frumpy dumpy. House chores no longer have to be looked upon with doom and gloom. Well, not in short shorts. Let’s rid ourselves of the too baggy pants and over sized free t-shirts that take up space in our draws/closet. Add the below items to your repertoire.

• Jeggings as discussed before in “How to Wear Jeans” is a girls best friend. We love stretchy breathable clothes.
• Yoga pants is not only made for working out.
• Fitted tees shirts and tank tops erases the frump. Side note: Target & Old Navy sells quality affordable tops.
• The fitted sweat pants with matching hoodie is a plus. Side note: If you wear baggy top/sweatshirt, pair it with fitted jeggings, yoga pants or fitted sweatpants and vice versa. This look will minimize the frump.
• Tee shirt dresses and simple maxi dresses.
Lastly, embrace your feminine physique and wear clothes that makes you feel at your best.

Top: $29 lilyboutique and $5 oldnavy

Bottoms: $29 f/4 Groupon

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